Thursday, December 1, 2011

Umweo Bags & Giving With a Purpose

Y'all, I want to tell you about Umweo Bags.

I don't usually tell you about different products to buy, but this is one I will tell you about.

I go to church with an amazing woman. After a missions trip to Africa and visiting a clinic for malnutrioned children, she began making Umweo Bags to sell to help support the clinic. Please go visit the Umweo Bags blog to learn more about her story. The things she is doing is amazing!!

Now, I want to highlight just a few things about Umweo Bags for you.

{one} Umweo Bags helps to provide food and supplies to the clinic in Africa.

{two} Umweo Bags has donated more than $2,675 to the clinic since she began making the bags.

{three} They are a non-profit organization and are finishing up the official paperwork to be classified as such!!!

Now, I tell you all of this so that you can help Umweo Bags out in a couple of ways!!

{one} You can go buy one of their awesome bags. Just click here!! (You can buy one for yourself OR for a CHRISTMAS GIFT!!!!)

{two} You can go enter the giveaway at The Berteau Life and learn more about Umweo Bags!

{three} Friends of Umweo Bags have committed to donate more than $600 to the malnutrition clinic in Zambia if Umweo Bags can reach 250 'likes' on our FB page, 60 'shares' on FB and 25 new followers on Twitter @umweobags by January 1! All you have to do is like our page (not status update) and share it! Spread the word. For more information, check out our latest blog: Working Together for the Good of Others at (I borrowed this from their Facebook page.)

So, all of you wonderful readers, please at least Like their Facebook Page, Follow them on Twitter, and Follow Umweo Bags' blog. Those are free!! And, why wouldn't you enter the giveaway?? Seriously, go to Lindsay's blog now and enter!!!

I've also added their blog button to my sidebar so you can check them out in the future!!!

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