Thursday, December 15, 2011

Ornament Swap!!

Awhile ago Laura posted that she would be hosting an ornament swap!

I eagerly signed up and now we're all linking up to share what we got!

I was paired with Katie from Color Me Katie. It was so awesome to see how we approached getting an ornament for each other so differently! I went the route of pinterest stalking her, finding out she has a love of owls and the Aggies. So, after a little etsy shop, I got her a cute little owl ornament in Aggie colors. From what I hear, she loved it.

Now, she made my AMAZING ornament! She went the "celebrate my blog" route! And I love it. The colors she decorated my ornament with match my Christmas tree/decor perfectly! So, here's a few pictures of my amazing, awesome, ornament! Thanks Katie for making my first swap such a great experience!!

 Thanks again Katie! I absolutely love my ornament and it's quite at home on my Christmas tree!


Lindsay said...

How fun! :) I wanted to do one but didn't get around to it, maybe next year...

Holly said...

What an awesome ornament!! Very festive and personal :)

k.elizabeth said...

That is such a cool idea!! :) Maybe next year I will get in on one!

Kathy S said...

That's a beautiful ornament!

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