Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Why I LIKE the Duggars

So, I'm going to talk about something not included in my 30 Days of Thanksgiving, the Duggars. Yes, the stars of 19 Kids and Counting.

Today they announced that they are going to be having baby number 20. Yes, they are pregnant again. And, I'm thrilled for them.

Here's my thoughts on the matter.

They have raised very healthy, functional children. That is a lot better than can be said about many people out there. They're not criminals. They get jobs, they work. They provide for their families (if they have one.) They are taught responsibility and they are respectful. A lot of people with one or two children have not done half the job the Duggars have done in raising 19 children.

They aren't on welfare. They have no debt (we can't say that). And they are responsible with their money. Yes, they have a new form of income, a television show, but even for that I have respect for them. No one would question if Mr. B and I were to have a baby, although we aren't in near as good of financial shape as the Duggars are.

Yes, they have a television show, yet, it hasn't seemed to have a changed their family's core values. Yes they take some advantage to go places and see things. But, seriously, wouldn't you? (If you answered no, I don't believe you. Sorry. You would do something that you couldn't have done before be it travel, buy a new house, etc. You would enjoy it SOMEHOW!) But, they still seem to hold their values in high regard. Y'all, I struggle with sticking to my guns (on some things) when it's just me and Mr. B there's no way I could do it with a tv crew following me.

In the end, they all seem happy. No, they seem content. I struggle being content daily. But, they seem to truly be content. And if part of their contentment is having a bunch of kids, so be it. And their kids don't seem upset by another addition. They are excited. To me, that says that they are happy with the attention they are getting from their parents and that they are loved and happy. 

All of that being said, I NEVER want 20 kids. I just don't. But, I would (one day!) like to have a a kid or two myself. And, I can say, I hope I do half the job they do. Weaker people have buckled under less. How many of us watched Jon & Kate Plus 8? And we watched their marriage crumble. And their kids suffer. The Duggars have flourished. I've watched crazy stunts like Octomom occur. And, the kids suffer. So, if for once, a strong, family with good character wants to show us how you can thrive through anything, I'll support them. Because after several years of watching them, I just don't expect to see them crumble under the pressure anytime soon.

So, say what you want, I have a lot of respect for them. 

And, here's my final thought.

Baby's are Blessings. Always.


Mandy said...

FINALLY something not negative! I blows my mind how many people make comments about this family that as you said it has love and values and probably has done more for other people than any of us even try to do. Children are a blessing and they have said that more than once. That is what they feel and believe. I can't wait to see them love on this new child like they have on every other child.

Jessica Renee said...
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Jessica Renee said...

Sorry, I got dyslexic and the post looked awful! lol.. What I said was, I completely agree! People with 1 kid can barely even handle it so I commend them for doing such a wonderful job with their family!

Government B. said...

And...they're almost single handedly saving social security!

Katie said...

I 100% agree with you, for all the same reasons. The irony is that so many people judge the Duggars, and even though their beliefs are very different from most people's; the Duggar's don't go around judging other people. They simply say that it's not their way, but they respect other beliefs. Why can't people do the same for them? I know I couldn't do half as good a job with one kid as they have done with 19, and I applaud them. They aren't having children to exploit them, or turn a profit - they are just following their beliefs and their belief is that if God keeps giving them children, they are blessed to keep having them. Plus, how many couples can say that even after one kid, they are THAT in love with (or even still want to have sex with) each other??? Not many. I say, more power to them! GREAT POST! Thanks for writing it!

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