Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Ultimate Twilight Fan Link-Up


Today I'm linking up for the The Ultimate Twilight Fan link-up. I'll admit it, I love Twilight. I've read all of the books, seen all of the movies, and own all of the movies. And, I would marry Edward Cullen without a second thought. (And hubby knows this, so that's no surprise to him!)

But, the rules are I must answer a few questions about being a Twilight fan and not just tell you how wonderfully attractive Edward Cullen is.

{one} Am I going to the midnight release?
Sadly, no. I had to set my priorities. And since Monday was my FIRST anniversary with my hubby, I decided that nice evening out with him was more important than the midnight release of Breaking Dawn Part One. But, I'll definitely miss seeing it was everyone in the theater opening night.

{two} Scene you're most looking forward to in Breaking Dawn?
Probably the wedding. Although I'll be really, really sad that Edward's not marrying me.

{three} Team Edward or Team Jacob?
Really, after the beginning of the post this question is still being asked?

{four} Favorite book in the saga?
Hum...I'm going to say Twilight. I love when Edward let's caution go to the wind and decides to go ahead and be in a relationship with Bella.

{five} Favorite character in the series and why?
Hmm...Edward is the easy answer here. Because he's so incredibly attractive. But, I have a special fondness for Jasper since he's a Texan. Then again, I really like Alice. So, I can't really pick one.

{six} Why do you love Twilight?
Because I love a good love story. And, because I can relate to different aspects of the story. I also enjoy getting the warm fuzzies when I read something. I like the emotional journey the book takes me on. But, I really just like a good love story.

{seven} Are the books or movies better?
The books are better. But, the movies are well done. I understand that changes have to be made to get the books onto the screen, but you lose a lot of the character development when that's being done. And I love character development. So, I enjoy the books better. But I also appreciate that I can't read the books in two hours. So, I enjoy the movies too.

{eight} What do you dislike about the series?
I guess it's not something about the series, but this seems as good of a place as any to put this. I dislike that people (especially Harry Potter fans) hate on Twilight so much. Seriously, I don't like Harry Potter because of how dark it is. But, I don't go around hating on Harry Potter because of it. I've seen all of the movies, and I've tried reading the books, but I just don't like them. And that's my preference. I don't care that you like them. Fact of the matter is, we should always be happy for books that encourage kids to read.

{nine} Your craziest fan moment?
For Christmas a couple of years ago, I wanted a boxed set of the books. They were all hardback, the matched nicely, etc. And, it was on sale for like $50 for all four of the books. I was in love. I wanted it. I asked for it from my grandparents but made it clear I wanted this set. Well, the whole thing ends up with me ordering it online (because it was an online only sale) with their credit card information. I did mail it to them so they could wrap it and put it under the Christmas tree. And I still love that set!

{ten} Do you have a twilight collection?
I have all of the books in that box set and I have all of the 2 disc editions of the movies so far. But, that's as far as my collection goes. I'm not a big collector of anything anymore. So, that's as close as it gets!


tara said...

I'm really looking forward to the wedding scene too!!!

Jill said...

I know exactly how you feel about the haters - when someone is trashing Twilight, and I say something like, "Hate all you want, but yay for kids reading!" - they often throw back, "Reading CRAP!!" *sigh* Just leave us alone! lol

star said...

Confession: I love Edward with all my heart, but I also have a thing for Jasper! Shh! and of course I adore Alice! Looking forward to the wedding scene, and seeing Bella's dress! btw, Edward is mine. lol! Thanks for linking up!

Erin O'Riordan said...

I love Harry Potter and Twilight. I don't make fun of people who like other things. Taste is very personal, so we all like different things, and that's cool.

LOL at "I'll be really, really sad that Edward's not marrying me."

Sarah E. said...

Love your number 8 answer. A LOT. That's my biggest pet peeve. People just hate on Twilight all the time :(

Most of the people I hear hate on it, haven't read HP though (I <3 me some HP)

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