Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Traditions. Christmas is so full of traditions and I've got a couple of favorites.

I LOVE getting a Christmas Tree. Without it, it just isn't Christmas. And once I have it, Christmas is in full swing. Sadly, the tradition changed this year. Now, I think we're going to try something new. This year, Mr. B and I went to a tree lot instead of Home Depot and I enjoyed it a lot. Someone else did all of the hard work and I just got to look. Tree Lots are the Boutique shops of Christmas tree shopping! I love my tree this year, and it's the big focus of this post!

Mr. B & I with our tree at the tree lot!

Getting the tree trimmed!

The tree in my car all ready to go home!

So, we got the tree home and the next day it was time to decorate it!

Our tree all decorated!!
This has been our favorite tree yet! I usually multicolored lights and this year, I decided I wanted something different. And I love it! I think this is going to be our new standard. Except, I need to get a few more strands of white lights. Seriously, a tree with anything less than 600 lights on it is just not good enough!!

Now, the other major tradition I/we have is watching the 24 hour marathon of A Christmas Story each year. Seriously, it's my absolute favorite. And, even though we watch it all day on Christmas, I still watch at least once during the holiday's other than that!

Now, this leads me to ask., all you married girls out there...what traditions do you have with your hubby for Christmas? We're looking to adopt a couple of traditions just the two of us, but I have no idea what we should do...

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