Monday, November 21, 2011

Living with the In-Laws

So, I figured I would give y'all an update about living with my in-laws. We've been here almost a month and we're just about settled in.

First, my in-laws are awesome for letting us live with them. I can't tell you how thankful I am for them letting us live with them.

There are some things I miss about having our own place.

{one} I miss having my plates for dinner. I know it might sound crazy, but I really miss them. I loved sitting down to dinner and having our plates. I know it will be like Christmas when I get to open them up again though. And I really appreciate that.

{two} I also miss my pots and pans. I bought stainless steel Emerilware when I got my apartment. I've loved them. They aren't my "forever pans" but they are my right now pans and I miss them. I knew what to cook everything in and how it cooked in it. I'm a cook by feel person and the feeling's all different in someone else's kitchen with someone else's pots and pans.

{three} I miss getting to be alone with my hubby every night. Even though we get to be in our room by ourselves, it's still just different.

Overall the experience is good though. The other night when we got home from our Ah.Maz.Ing anniversary dinner and wanted to tell someone all about it, it was awesome to have someone at home to tell. And the money we're saving by being here is really helping us out. And I'm so excited about the things we're going to be able to do because we spent just a few with my in-laws.

We've just about settled into our room and we've finally gotten just about all of our stuff settled in. We had a bunch of stuff in the dining room waiting to be gone through, well we've just about gotten all of that taken care of. And our next goal is to go through all of the stuff in our storage. We got rid of a lot of stuff, but there is still so much more stuff we can get rid of!

So far, the most frustrating part of living with them, isn't really them even. It's the fact that their dryer takes FOREVER to dry a load of clothes. Seriously, it took me like 6 hours to dry a single load of clothes. After just two loads, I finally called up my sister-in-law (and by call, I of course mean texted) and asked to go over there and wash clothes. As I write this the last load is drying and it makes my day to know that all of our clothes will be clean when we get home. It sure beats the forever it would have taken to wash them otherwise!!


Romance In A Glance said...

Oh props to you! I could never live with my in laws ;) Glad things are working out!

Kathy S said...

I'm glad it's going well there. I lived with my in-laws for about a month and I don't know how I got through. My mother-in-law is a pretty horrible person so that probably explains most of that though.

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