Thursday, October 13, 2011

Pinterest to the Test

I love Pinterest. I spend a lot of my free time pinning. I'm a pin-aholic. Seriously. I probably need a support group. But yesterday I decided it was time to put some of my cleaning pins to the test. Something that is so second hand I barely trust. But, I thought I'd give these a chance. They had nice before and after pictures that led me to believe they might be valid. And plus, it's not like I had to buy anything to try it. So, try it I did.

Source: via Betty on Pinterest

First to be put to the test was cleaning my clean pans. Basically, the burnt on stuff on the bottom of stainless steel pans that you can't scrub off for anything. Yeah, this was awesome! Put water on the bottom of your pan (I put about 4 cups on the bottom of my large skillet) and add about a cup of vinegar. Now, I guessed on all of my amounts. I just poured until it seemed about a cup. Then, I brought it to a boil. After it boiled a little bit, I added about 2 tbs of baking soda. Then, I let it cool before I actually tried to scrub the pan. The little dirty bits came off SO EASY. It was Ah.Maz.Ing. If you have this problem, try it. They look totally awesome now!!

This was the second one I put to test. Now, it's a Martha Stewart thing so it had a bit of validity but, I only trust Martha as far as I can throw her. So, I tried it. My cast iron skillet was dirty. And those things you don't wash with soup and water of course. Now, every other southerner may know this trick. But, I didn't grow up with cast iron, so I wasn't exactly sure how to clean it beyond wipe it out when done, which I've done. But, it needed a bit of cleaning past that. So, this said to take a soft scubber and coarse salt and clean it that way. It worked great. I used an clean, old wash cloth that was on it's last leg, and I used kosher salt because I had a box of it in the kitchen from a crawfish boil a couple of years ago. And this worked wonders. I don't feel so bad letting my cast iron skilled sit out now. It looks a hundred times better.

So, if y'all are looking for a trick to clean a couple of skillets laying around your house, this is it. These both worked great and gave me a lot more confidence to try some of the other things I've pinned!

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Holly said...

I always wonder if the tips you find on Pinterest actually work, good to know these did!

Hey, I am having a blogger swap for people with lists (like 101 in 1001 and 30 before 30). I saw you have a 101 in 1001 list and wanted to see if you'd be interested?! Check it out and let me know!

Thanks, have a great weekend!!

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