Thursday, September 1, 2011

Saints Practice!

A couple of weeks ago, I grabbed my camera and I headed out to Saints open practice. Let me tell you...I learned a few things!

1) Wear. Sunscreen.  This isn't optional, you have to do it to sit out there in that heat for a couple of hours. (I did remember this. I lathered up!)

2) Drink LOTS of water!! Again, it was super hot and I was sweating buckets just SITTING there! (I also remember this!)

3) Bring an umbrella. This, I forgot! I was lucky enough to sit next to a sweet family from Mississippi who shared their umbrella with me! It made so much difference in how horrible the heat was! I appreciated that kindness so much! There is much less of that kind of kindness in New Orleans from where I grew up. It was just so sweet!

But, the highlight of the day was getting to take pictures of the New Orleans Saints practicing their butts off! It was so much fun and I got some great pictures! Here's just a few for you to enjoy!

I sat directly in front of Drew Brees during his warm ups!
It was totally the coolest!

More exercises from the awesome Drew Brees!

A cool picture I got of Drew Brees' helmet!
And, when I blow it up really big on my computer,
you can see his reflection on the side!

A little bit of practice going on!!
Nice handoff!

Our fearless leader after throwing a pass!

Our second string QB, Chase Daniel, getting ready to pass the ball!
The cool things about Chase Daniel, is he went to Southlake Carroll  High School.
My high school, Katy High, beat his high school
in the Texas State Championship game in 2003!
So, those are the really cool pictures I got. And it was so awesome being so close to our Saints Players! I can't wait to see how they do this season!


Bibi said...

Great Pictures, really like the after the throw and the helmet :) Looks like tons of fun!
♥ Bibi

Kathy S said...

I love that photo of the helmet on the field. Very cool.

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