Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Or, Maybe Not...

When I posted my Friday's Fancies post on, well, Friday, I made a comment about us not traveling too soon!

We ended up deciding at the very last of minutes (try 4:00 PM) on Friday to make a weekend trip to Katy to see my Grandparents. As you may have heard, a Tropical Storm named Lee decided to stop by and we decided not to be there for it. No, we weren't concerned for our safety. We were concerned about our comfort!

You see, with all of that rain and the potential to lose electricity Mr. B and I decided that we wanted to be out of dodge for TS Lee's little visit. And, going to my grandparents was a good way to get out of town. We had a lot of fun visiting them, but we both agreed, if we had known we were going out of town this weekend, we most definitely would have made our trip start earlier on Friday so we could see the Katy Tigers play a little bit of football. Oh well, we didn't get to see them play, but the rest of our trip was really nice!

On Saturday we got to see my uncle, aunt and two of my cousins! They came over to my Grandparents house and we had tacos for dinner. It was pretty awesome. We also got to meet my cousins new dog. It's a Boston Terrier-Shih Tzu mix. I would try to describe this dog for you, but the best I can do is tell you this dog was so ugly it was cute and offer you this picture!

The next day we went to church with my Grandparents and then we went to Galveston with them.I've only been to Galveston a few times in my life, but we had a lot of fun. We drove down there and then we parked the car and rode the ferry back and forth across the bay!

After we finished the boat ride, we drove to the sea wall and went to Murdochs. I had a crazy weird experience where I shared a strawberry daquiri with my Mamaw (I still haven't finished processing this!) and we watched the water and people on the beach.

After that we went to Fish Tales for dinner. It was delicious and we really enjoyed the time we got to spend with my grandparents!

The next day was Monday, we ate lunch at Taco Cabana (something that we don't have at home!) then we drove home! I do have another fun bridge post coming up soon! Yay!

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texlilo said...

Thank you for sharing it sounds like you had an awesome weekend!

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