Friday, September 9, 2011

Day 9: TV Shows

Today the link up with Katie is all about TV shows.

Now, let me be honest with you. I don't watch too many TV shows as the air or anything. (If I watch anything it's typically a movie...weird I know.) I did watch LOST when it was on, but that's sadly over. We DVR a couple of things we never make time to watch (insert Modern Family and Glee here.) But, I will tell you where I do most all of my TV show watching - Netflix.

If it's not on Netflix, chances are, I don't watch it. But if it is...'s what I watch.

Source: via Heather on Pinterest

Ok...a quick note on Bones...I haven't seen Season 6 yet. We changed cable providers over the course of Season 6 so I lost all of the DVR'd episodes...yuck.  So, now I have no IDEA what happened in Season 6 and I like it that way. So, don't say ANYTHING about Bones in the comments! Please? Pretty Please? Thanks!

Ok. Now, There are a couple of "go to" shows I watch. If these are on, they are always a winner.

Source: via April on Pinterest

Source: via Ellen on Pinterest

And, finally, the one show I am most determined to start watching this fall:

Source: via Jisu on Pinterest

Do you watch anything good? Something I should DVR? Something to add to my Netflix queue?

Also, I had this crazy idea...let me know what you think...I think Netflix should enable queue sharing! Think, if we could see each others queues the stuff we could find! Or is that a bad idea?


Anonymous said...

New follower found you through Katie's Journey. We did have netflix for awhile. We don't have it right now and are back an forth on getting it and ditching cable. I loved when we had it I watched Weeds *love that show* of course we don't have HBO so I didn't get to see this seasons.

Life of this SAHM

Michal Renee' said...

I am so excited about the New Girl too!! Zooey Deschanel is so cute and hilarious. I am a huge fan of Sex and the City as well! I'm glad I found you through Katie's blog too and I look forward to following your other posts! :)

Anonymous said...

I love the Sisters Emily D *from bones* and Zoey D* !! I can not wait for Grey's Anatomy. What is this sharing you speak of? *hugs*

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