Monday, September 19, 2011

Day 19: Nicknames

Nicknames. We all have them. But as an adult I have a lot fewer people who give them to me.

Most of my nicknames come from Mr. B. And there's a lot of them because they evolve over time.

The current nickname is Pupkins. But, that's sometimes shortened to Pup. Yeah, we're crazy I know. And really, it doesn't end there. Pup can be used as a suffix of sorts. Here's some examples of how it all works.

Use of Pupkins:
Pupkins (n.) - Whatcha doin', Pupkins?

Use of Pup:
Pup (n.) -  Hey, Pup!
Pup (suffix) - You're the silly-pup!

Yeah, I know. It's silly. But it works for us. We use it a lot. And, things are constantly evolving. Here's a quick break down of the evolution to reach "pupkins/pup."

Honey-Bexar/Cutie-Bear (x is silent)
Honey-Bexar/Cutie-Bexar (bex rhymes with hex)

Again, that was the quick break down. There was many more steps in there. And this didn't happen overnight, it took us six years to make the changes. And who knows where it will be in six more years!

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