Thursday, September 15, 2011

Day 15: New Bloggers

I'm linking up with Katie today and today is about tips for new bloggers. Here's mine.

{ one }
Blog for the love of blogging. Blog because you like writing. Blog because you like being able to see how you've changed and grown. Find your reason for blogging and blog for that reason and that reason only.

{ two }
This goes hand in hand with number one. DON'T blog for the followers. I know the feeling of getting a new follower. Everyone who blogs knows the feeling. It's a great feeling when someone finds what you have to say worth reading. But, that's not why you blog. You always blog for the love of blogging. You blog for the blank canvas you get to paint with your words. Don't blog for the followers. It makes you fake.

{ three }
And finally, blog in your own voice. Yes there are fabulous bloggers out there and yes, they have tons of followers. But, don't blog like them. There's only room for one them. Just like there's only room for one of you. So, find your voice. Say what you want to say. Be real. And in doing so, you'll get followers. And you'll love blogging all the more!

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