Sunday, September 11, 2011

Day 11: Fears

It's time for today's link up with Katie. And today we're talking about fears.

I don't really consider myself to be an overly fearful person. For the most part the fears the many people suffer from, I just don't have...but here are a couple I do have...

Bees (but not when they are babies dressed like bees and really cute...). Or really, anything that can sting me. And, they don't bother me so much if I can't hear them...the sound they make when they buzz past your makes me cringe. And I act like a fool. I can't stay calm. It's just not possible. They freak me out.

Cockroaches. I'm not going to picture of one of those here. Now everyone can say "thank you" since I'm not picturing those. You're welcome, dears! Now, there's a reason why I'm deathly afraid of roaches. When I was a kid, my grandfather would kill them and then he would chase me around the house asking me if I wanted to eat them. Now, I can't stand them (more than the normal person). I don't like them on the level that I'll let them run my house. If one's in the bathroom, I'm not. Anywhere. I'll let them have the room and come back later...I don't like them. At. All.

Ok, this last one is the strange fear I, it makes no sense...but, I'll try to explain it! I'll ride just about any roller coaster the ONLY exception are things that catapult you into the air. I call it Willy Wonka Glass Elevator Syndrome...but, I totally made that name up. Pretty much, I'm scared that the car won't stop at the top. Instead it's going to fly right off. But, I know that there's nothing now to slow the landing down. So, then I'll crash into the ground and die. So, that is one ride, I don't ride at amusement parks.


Mandy said...

I am soo very very afraid of anything that can sting. the hubbs thinks i'm a little obsessive about it to. I freak out and he says that if you leave them alone they will leave you alone... not true for my experience! and Roaches and spiders are at the top just like stinger things. eww!

Anonymous said...

I had a cockroach crawl on my face at night (back in High school) in Texas and I woke up screamed...and my dad (which I did not know he could run up a flight of stairs and kill an insect so quick) came to my rescue. I couldn't sleep in my room for three days.

I also hate bugs flying around me ...mainly its the buzzing that scares me , and bees.

I never knew you were afraid of that type of roller coaster.

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