Thursday, August 11, 2011

Weekend Get Away!

This past weekend Mr. B and I along with Lee, Lindsay and Parker hit the road and found our way to Destin, Florida to surprise a dear friend for her birthday! While the trip was quick (we went over on Saturday and drove home on Sunday!) it was still a ton of fun!

We rode with Lee and Lindsay (Lindsay wrote about it here.) and it was great to get to spend some time with them! We had quite a trip up and even made time to enjoy a stop at Panera Bread for lunch! We don't have a Panera in NOLA and I love stopping to eat places we can't eat here. After we finished lunch, we headed on to Destin. Once there, we began Dramatic Scene #1.

Dramatic Scene #1
Hotels near beaches are expensive. Duh. We know that. But, we found a hotel that we thought might be a little less than what we normally stay at, but should still be acceptable. Since this is Dramatic Scene #1, you obviously know that this did not end at all like we planned/hoped/expected. Our hotel was HORRIBLE! Hair in the tub, non-smoking rooms that were clearly still being smoked in, a musty smell that NO ONE should ever have to sleep was BAD.  Sadly, I did not take a single picture of the you have nothing to compare this to.
The Front of the Emerald Grande.
We stayed in the tower on the Left.

The Room Mr. B & I slept in.
There was another "master suite" and a bunk room.
You could easily fit 4 adults and 2 kids in here...easily!

The fully equiped was ah. mazing.
Not Pictured:
Living Room, Dining Table, Master Suite with Jacuzzi Tub.
2 Balconies.

This was the view from our balcony - absolutely STUNNING!
To say we ended up staying in the polar opposite of hotels is an understatement. This hotel room was GORGEOUS! It was as big...maybe bigger than our apartment...and nicer too. Matter of fact, it should be. I did the math, 2 nights in this hotel cost more than our rent for a month. I can't get over it! We all oohed and ahhed over the room for the whole weekend!

After we got settled in, it was time to go surprise Amy! So, we headed over to their condo. When we pulled up we weren't sure how it was all going to work out on the surprise end...we didn't have the gate code, her hubby didn't know it and it was all just a real mess, but it all worked out perfectly! We snuck in behind another car, Steve met us at the car and we walked in with him and said "Surprise!" There were hugs all around and it all was a big success! It made for a great weekend to be able to surprise Amy and spend time with her and her family!

That evening we went out for dinner at Carrabba's. It's one of Amy's favorites and I really enjoy it too! It's also a tradition to eat Carrabba's with Steve and Amy whenever we see them, so I'm glad to see tradition didn't change! While there I got one of my favorite drinks ever! Carrabba's has a blackberry sangria. If you're ever there, TRY IT! It is phenomenal. It's the perfect amount of sweet and it's just so pleasant to drink. It's refreshing even. I love it! Matter of fact, I drank two of them...but shh...I don't usually do that!
The Girls at Carrabba's

Lindsay (w/ Parker), Amy & Me at Carrabba's

Me & Mr. B at Carrabba's

After dinner, we made our way back to the hotel and settled in. The beds were fabulous and we really enjoyed it! The next morning we headed down to the restaurant in the hotel for breakfast. Enter Dramatic Scene #2.

Dramatic Scene #2
Y'all, here's a fact about me, I don't really care for eggs in an eggs and bacon sort of way. I'll eat a hard fried egg for an egg sandwich and scrambled eggs on occasion, but as a rule, I just don't eat them. So, getting breakfast at restaurants can be difficult because I don't want their standard breakfast plates because I don't want 2 eggs. So, I usually go for pancakes or something like that. This particular day, I went for biscuits and gravy (which I love!). Well after a couple of minutes the waiter comes back and tells me they're out of gravy. How that's possible, I'll never know, but oh well. So, I ask for a menu and begin the search for something else. I don't really want another breakfast item (although their pancakes turned out to be delicious) so I choose a sandwich from their lunch menu. But, since they were in the middle of changing from breakfast to lunch, I had to wait a few minutes longer on my food. My sandwich turned out delicious and the service was great, they even comped my meal. But, it was still something to start the day out with!

When we finished lunch, we headed over to our friends condo and got ready for a day at the beach! Now, I got to do something that was very special to me, I got to take pictures of my niece going to the beach for her first time! I love this little girl more than anything...she's adorable and I love any chance I get to experience life with her and this trip was no exception! So, here are a few of the pictures I got to take of her first time at the beach!
Lindsay had been holding Parker in the sand by herself so I told Lee to come help.
The problem though, was Parker's feet kept slipping (as feet in sand do!).

Insert Uncle John for feet stabilization and laughs from the whole group!

Uncle John also works well for a seat out of the sand and water!
We also spent some time down at the beach as a group. Steve, Amy, Lee, Lindsay, Mr. B and I all played around in the water and enjoyed spending time together! We even grabbed a few pictures to show that we made our way to the sand together!
Amy, Lindsay & I on the beach!
 After a few minutes, we all ended up heading in though, because this showed up:
A crazy front that came through...but never dropped any rain!
When we got back to the condo, everyone started showering and getting cleaned up from the salt water. And this brought about Dramatic Scene #3.

Dramatic Scene #3
When it was my turn to take my shower, I wasn't surprised to find algae in my swimsuit. I was expecting that because there was so much in the water. What, I wasn't expecting to bring back with me was marine life. Something that looked like this:
This little guy caught a ride back to the condo in my swimsuit.
Yes, it still makes my skin crawl.
And, Lee is my hero because he picked this guy up off the floor  for me.
(Mr. B was at the pool and unavailable.)
As part of the weekend festivities, Lindsay and I also both made cupcakes! Lindsay made chocolate (which were delicious!) and I made vanilla! We didn't know each other were making cupcakes until late the night before when I tweeted about it! We sang Happy Birthday as a group and enjoyed all of the sugary sweetness that abounded!
Amy with a cupcake so we could sing to her.
I remembered candles but not a lighter, so we pretended they were lit!
When all of the birthday festivities were over, I grabbed my two adorable nieces and had myself a quick little photo shoot. You see, I had found these CUTE "I Love My Aunt" onesies on sale at Macy's and had to grab one for each of them. And how could I miss a chance to take photos with them in the outfits?! So, here I am with them in all their cuteness!
Me and Parker!

Carly being SO cute!

Me, Parker & Carly!
If only they made an "I Love My Niece" Shirt to match...
We then had one final dinner as a group. We went to Dewey Destin and had some seafood. When we first got there I had to go to the bathroom. So, I headed in and then found myself in Dramatic Scene #4.

Dramatic Scene #4
I got to the bathroom and there was a line. Quite a line. And the whole time I was standing there, the line was getting longer. And most of the line was kids under 12. Well, one of the girls came out and the toilet was running. So, they sent us to a different bathroom. There were 4 girls behind me, so I figured, it was better to watch them and make sure they got there and back safely than to just hope they were able to follow the line. So, I said, "Come on, girls, we're taking a field trip." We found the second bathroom and were waiting our turn. While we were waiting we were told that the other bathroom was fixed so we went back to the other bathroom. I figured if parents came looking for them, it would be better to wait in line where they would start looking. So, we all headed back to the first bathroom. I decided to let them go first because I didn't want to their parents to get too concerned. I really needed to go (and since these were the 1 person at a time restrooms) I just used the men's bathroom...While we were waiting for our table, the girl's and their family were leaving and saw me, so she came over to say thanks for helping her daughters. I told her it was no problem and I figured it was better to keep an eye on them than to let them trapeze all over the restaurant alone. Not all parents would have taken it this well, I know, I'm glad she did!

So, yes, back to our dinner. We enjoyed some delicious Pirate's Punch. (Don't ask what's in it. Just know that it's delicious!) We had dinner on the deck and had a great view of the water!
Amy & I with our Pirates Punch!
The view from my seat at the restaurant!
After dinner, we made one more quick stop by the condo so that we finish packing up and then we hit the road for the trip home! The whole trip was a lot of fun! I enjoyed getting to see everyone and getting to spend a weekend at the beach!


Holly said...

Looks like a fabulous weekend trip!! Love those "aunt" shirts...I need to get one for my sister's baby!!!

Lindsay said...

SO fun! I LOVED spending the weekend with y'all <3 :)

texlilo said...

I am glad you had a lot of fun :)

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