Monday, August 1, 2011

Vacation, You are missed!

If you've read this blog at all, you've learned that I LOVE traveling. I like hitting the open road and going and seeing something new! And I love spending time somewhere I've never been doing something I've never done! Mr. B and I have done a lot of traveling since being married. Here's a quick overview of the trips we've taken since we've been married.

December 2010 & January 2011
Married - 1 Month

We traveled from:
New Orleans, LA to Cleveland, OH
Cleveland, OH to Morgantown, WV
Morgantown, WV to Washington, D.C.
Washington, D.C. to Charlotte, NC
Charlotte, NC to New Orleans, LA

This was a mix of a trip for Christmas to see my family in Cleveland, our Honeymoon, and seeing friends in Charlotte. It was our first trip as a married couple and it was great!

My Favorite Moment:
Taking our picture at the base of the Washington Monument. It was such a great moment just the two us, standing there, trying to get a picture that would always be special to us. It was the uniqueness of the angle of the picture. It was Mr. B humoring me while I tried to get the perfect picture! It was a single moment that represents so much of our marriage.

Mr. B & I at the World War II Memorial

April 2010
Married - 5 Months

We traveled from:
New Orleans, LA to San Antonio, TX
San Antonio, TX to Dallas, TX
Dallas, TX to Wichita Falls, TX
Wichita Falls, TX to Tulsa, OK
Tulsa, OK to Saint Louis, MO
Saint Louis, MO to New Orleans, LA

We took this trip right after I escaped my craptastic job I had for three years. It was so much fun. It was ten days on the road and lots and lots of great memories! We saw some amazing sites and had lots of fun being with each other all day with no responsibilities!

My Favorite Moment:
I loved when we found Saint Charles, Missouri. It was such a quaint little town, the main street was beautiful. I loved getting to enjoy the Tartan Festival they were having. And I loved when we found the Poor Man's Art Gallery. The piece we got there is one of our favorite things in the apartment. Stumbling into Saint Charles made the trip perfect!

Mr. B & I at the Gateway Arch in Saint Louis!

May 2011 - Trip 1
Married - 6 Months

New Orleans, LA to San Antonio, TX
San Antonio, TX to New Orleans, LA

We headed back to San Antonio a month later to watch my little sister graduate college! We got to spend a lot of time with my family and even found a little bit of time to do some sightseeing with my family!

My Favorite Moment:
I really loved seeing my little sister graduate college. That was such a big and important moment in her life! I am so proud of her and all that she accomplished in the four years she was at school! She is an amazing woman and I can't believe how much she has grown up!
Mr. B & I at my FAVORITE restaurant on the Riverwalk!

May 2011 - Trip 2
Married - 7 Months

New Orleans, LA to Charlotte, NC
Charlotte, NC to New Orleans, LA

We made a trip to visit our dear friends in Charlotte! It was great to see them and their kids! It's a shame that they live so far away and we can't see each other more often! 

My Favorite Moment:
Being at my niece's first birthday party! It's such a milestone in her life and I'm so glad that we were able to be there and experience that moment with her! 

Mr. B & I at Jake's Good Eats enjoying a double date with the M's!

Between all of these wonderful long trips, and several little day trips, Mr. B & I are nearing 10,000 miles traveled since we've been married! We LOVE traveling and one of our goals for our first year of marriage was to enjoy traveling as much as possible, and that we have done! We've seen many cool things, been to many amazing places and spent time with a bunch of awesome friends and family.

But, now that we haven't traveled in awhile I'm missing the open road! I miss packing and staying in a hotel room. I miss seeing the sites and hearing the sounds of different cities. But, I'm excited! In October one of my dear friends is getting married in Dallas, and we'll hit the road again! It'll only be for a weekend, but I'm excited about! I'm excited to see her get married and I'm excited to be out of town again...only 61 days and counting!

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Lindsay said...

wow! That's A LOT of miles! I'm so glad y'all are taking this opportunity to travel. :)

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