Friday, August 5, 2011

True Life: I'm a Life Blogger!

Tara {at fabulous but evil.} and Mrs. Monologues are hosting a fabulous link up the next 8 weeks! It's a whole series on the different types of bloggers out there. And, as part of it, anytime your blog(s) meet up with that week's blog style, you can link up and find other blogs of the styles you like! Today, they are featuring "Life Bloggers" and that, is me!

I've been instructed to write about whatever I want to write about! Here at It Takes Two, I like to kind of keep the 23 of you who follow the world up to date about the things going on in my life as a newlywed. For those of you who are stopping by as a part of the "True Life: I'm a _____" series (and if you're new and want to catch up!) here's some of the topics covered here on It Takes Two!

Near the beginning of It Takes Two, I posted about getting married to Mr. B!

Thanksgiving 2010 was our first holiday as a married couple!

In February 2011 we completed the Annual Oscar Death Race.

I became Mrs. B and an Aunt OFFICIALLY!

I told everyone about one of the the crazy games Mr. B & I play.

In March, Mr. B and I hit the town to celebrate my 24th birthday!

In April we took a road trip!

I also showed what the Mississippi River looked like while it crested here in New Orleans.

I showed off our newly painted living room!

I've also started doing a few wonderful link ups! Small Snapshots (to practice my camera skills!) Target Tuesday What I'm Loving Wednesday and Friday's Fancies.

So, feel free to read any of these posts! They tell a lot about Mr. B & I and really show off how blogging is done here at It Takes Two! Today is Friday, so there's a new Friday's Fancies post to enjoy, so feel free to check that out, too! And stop by fabulous but evil. and Mrs. Monologues and see what's going on at their blogs...I enjoy both of them!


Jessica Renee said...

Hi! I found you through the link up and I think your blog is adorable! I can't wait to read more :D

Sarah Jane said...

Found your blog through the link-up, glad I did. Cannot wait to read more and had to become a follower.
-Sarah from

Mrs. Monologue said...

Love your blog, so glad I was able to find it through the link up. Also, love that you broke the post down by months, that is an awesome idea!

tara said...

such a good idea to break down your post like you did! you iz very smartz! lol. glad you linked up! :)

Annie said...

new follower!! :)

Laura said...

Visiting from the link up. It sounds like you've had lots of big changes but are loving them. And traveling a bunch? Love that!

Liz Taylor Training said...

Your blog is so cute. Loved looking at the pictures of your apartment - yalls Staircase is so cute and I died laughing at the picture of your office haha! Looking forward to reading more girl! XO

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