Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Target Tuesday

Women's Merona® Manette Double Buckle Tall Boots - Tan

Today's Target Tuesday post is kind of short, sweet and to the point. Tara (at fabulous but evil) tweeted about the boots being too big in the calves for her, I automatically knew I had to have these. I have tried many pairs of boots and none have been big enough in the calf. Hopefully these would fit me!

And, I'm itching for this Wii game. I love Mario Bros, and I've played it before and I love it! (I wish I had the really cool red edition of the Wii.)

Y'all have a great rest of your Tuesday!! (Oh, and what do you think of Target's new website design?)


Anonymous said...

I have what I fondly call "soccer" calves (which means they are THICK) and I never ever ever find boots that fit my legs! I need those boots! :D Great choice on the video game :)

tara said...

SO sad about the boots! sigh.

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