Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Target Tuesday

Yay! It's time for another Target Tuesday link up with Tara {at fabulous but evil.}.

Today, I've done some browsing at Target for some things to complete our kitchen! When I moved into the apartment, the kitchen colors ended up being green and blue. But, with marriage, a registry, and paint red and gray are now the accent colors. So, today's Target Tuesday is all about updating the kitchen accents!

This is our place setting we registered for.
Noritake Java Graphite.
We <3 our plates a lot!
A Quick story, when we were getting married, I already had most everything we needed for the apartment because I had been living there a couple of years already. But, some things I wanted to replace because we had only had the absolute cheapest or it was hand-me-down. I really appreciated that we had those things, because the filled a need, but this was one chance to replace it. So, I convinced Mr. B to pick a new place setting and this is what we agreed on. (We were going to get something else, but I read reviews that when washed in the dishwasher the pattern would fade...so we skipped it...) Well, since we've been married, Mr. B has told me several times what a great idea it was for us to get the new place settings because he really likes them! We've been really happy with them and they look fabulous in our kitchen!

Cotton Rag Rug Collection - Red
I currently have a green, blue, and white striped rug in front of my stove and my sink, I would love to replace them with this red rug!


I have a set of melamine mixing bowls I love, but one of the bowls got broken, I would love to replace them with this set!

24" Classic Wood Shelf - Black

I would love to display some of our glasses we've collected and some other nifty kitchen things. I'd like a really nice place to display our champagne flutes my sister gave us as a wedding gift! 

Red Cart with Natural Wood Top

I have a cabinet holding a bunch of stuff and a microwave cart. I would really like to mesh the two into one of these. Stick the microwave on top and fill the bottom with all of the paper plates and what not.

simplehuman studio Semi-Round Step Can 40L

We have a standard white trash can in our place right now. I've been wanting one of these trash cans for quite some time now. But, because I'm a wonderful wife, I skipped my one chance to get it. I had enough money on our gift cards from the wedding to either get the trash can or get the Keurig. So, I surprised Mr. B with the Keurig and left the trash can for another time. 

So, those are some of the things I'm eyeing up at Target this week...I might just go stop by my new Target today, just because!


Courtney said...

Oh my goodness, I LOVE those polka dotted plates! They are too cute!

Julia Yvette said...

Love that little cart. So functional. You should definitely get it, and the color is such a fun accent.



M@coffeeandkitsch said...

those mixing bowls are awesome!

tara said...

Those dishes are so cute! I really like them!

Kendra said...

The mixing bowls looks so fun!!

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