Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Oh, How Pinteresting Wednesday {vol 5}


This week on "Oh, How Pinteresting Wednesday" I will be highlighting something that always makes my heart happy. A beautiful cake! Everyone has that something that just brightens their day and makes the whole world better when they see it. And for me, that's cakes. Not the bad, ugly ones, those break my heart, but the ones that look like these:

Some of the beautiful cakes I find are simple. Simple and easy can be gorgeous. Like this beauty:

And This One:

And this one too!

Some, Make a statement to me because they are subtle. Subtlety is an art form. Subtle can be a much louder statement than bright colors, or complex designs. Subtle is like old money.

But, the cakes that take my breath away. The cakes that make me know there is a God. The cakes that make me think that every calorie laden bite of cake I've ever taken was worth it, are beauties like the ones below. These are the ones that I can sit and stare at for hours and hours and wonder. (I have a love affair with beautiful cakes, clearly. Is is just me? Please, someone else say you dream about beautiful cake creations at night?)

Source: via Betty on Pinterest

The piping on this cake...divine!

One day, I will have mad skills like these and I will make cakes this wonderfully intricate!

Source: None via Betty on Pinterest

Seriously, quilling is BEAUTIFUL...but quill with fondant? Yes, I will marry you, Quill Cake.

Source: via Betty on Pinterest

This gumpaste creation? Ah. Maz. Ing. Yes, I will have this cake for my very own!

Ok, now that you have been made happy by the cakes that make me happy, I wish you a very good Wednesday! Go forth and pin beautiful cakes!


Kathryn said...

Such pretty cakes! I wish I could do that!

Anonymous said...

love all of these!

Joeylee @ Sweet N Sassy Girls

Laurin said...

I'm loving the turquoise cake! So pretty!

Courtney said...

These cakes are beautiful!!

Holly said...

Love all those cakes...I wish I could decorate cakes like that!

Kathy S said...

Beautiful. I love that last one.

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