Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Oh, How Pinteresting Wednesday {vol 3}


Pinterest makes me want to decorate like CRAZY! I'm always seeing something I want to do to our place. I'm not sure how I'll ever get it all done, mainly because I don't have that much money! But, here are some things I'm seeing that are making me want to decorate!

Source: via Betty on Pinterest

I just finished painting our downstairs. Literally, I finished painting it in July. Now, I'm already wanting to paint our kitchen again. Seriously...I saw the kitchen above and I fell in love. Mr. B told me, that's fine, I can repaint...he's so wonderful! I just love how bright the blue is. First I need to paint the rest of the apartment, though! And some of the rooms are going to be a challenge because I need to remove wallpaper. I guess my gift to myself is going to be redoing the kitchen...that blue is awesome!!!

This table makes me want to go to Ikea. Now. A ten dollar table could be absolutely, unbelievably AWESOME!! Next time we go to Houston, I might be coming home with a couple of tables. I could make a matching coffee table and end table. We really need a coffee table, so maybe I can convince Mr. B to let me get the tables!

I love all of the neat things being done to containers! This one is lace modge poged onto the containers. This would be SO easy to do...

I am so interested in making my own throw pillows. I want some for both our bedroom and our guest bedroom! As soon as I can get my hands on a sewing machine I will definitely be trying these out! (But, for the guest room I have to figure out what bedding we're going to don't want to follow that long boring train of thought...)

Source: via Betty on Pinterest

Let me tell you, I forgot how much I like monograms. When Mr. B and I were dating/engaged, I didn't want to get anything with my monogram. I didn't want to get everything with my old monogram because I would want to replace it with my new monogram. But, it just didn't feel right to get things with my new monogram before I was married. So, part of me started to hate monograms. Not because I don't like them as an accent and decoration but because the represented a horrible waiting game in my life. But, since I've been on pinterest, I've fallen back in love with them! Especially these button ones! The problem is, I don't own any buttons. I think I'm about to go do some searching for them...the question is...where do you find buttons?

This is my next project.  Seriously. I don't really like our current bedroom furniture. I may or may not have told you that before. And, I think this may be the way for me to change it! I found a door at Home Depot that I like that costs $40. A couple of 2x4's and I can attach it to a bedframe. Nope, this whole project would cost about $50. And, I could make the money back in selling the furniture we have! Lucky for me, Mr. B supports all of my crazy projects...including this one! Matter of fact, my wonderful husband will let me do just about anything when it comes to decorating. I'm so lucky to have someone so willing to allow me to express myself through our home! And he puts up with my whims so well! I heart him!!

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Holly said...

These are all so great! Love the lace containers, and that side great!

MiChE said...

I love the button monograms too!

BellaVida said...

I agree, that shade of blue looks amazing.

Bella Vida by Letty
Have a great day.

btw - im totally repining the monogram :)

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