Monday, August 22, 2011

My Blog is on Fire?!

Y'all, this  past week, I was awarded not one, but TWO blog awards! Really? Me? My little ol' blog? Y'all, I'm just absolutely touched!

Carissa, at Kissed a Frog gave me the Blog On Fire Award!

First, you need to go check her blog out! It's wonderful! I love seeing the photos she posts!

Ok, now the blog rules require me to tell you seven smoldering secrets. I don't think much about my life ever qualifies as "smoldering" so, I'm just going to tell you a seven cool things you may not know about me! It's the best I've got to offer!

Between a book and youtube videos, I can teach myself just about anything crafty. Currently, I'm becoming quite proficient with my sewing machine! I really like that my brain works this way!

I HATE laundry. Like, on a level most people don't. When I was a kid, our washing machine was old well seasoned. The machine wouldn't spin on it's own so you would have to wait until it squealed and then go open the lid, turn the agitator and it would do the rest of the cycle with no problem. The problem was, you had to sit and wait around for it to squeal so that you could go spin the thing. Nothing makes laundry worse than having to babysit the washing machine!

I've moved more times that I can remember. I can definitively count like 15 moves that I've made, and so many moves were made before I was born, I'm just not sure about them. So, It could easily be more than what I've counted! And no, my parents weren't in the military. And about 10 of them were in a 15 mile radius. And 3 of them were on the same street. Yeah, I've moved a bit.

One of my go-to movies when I want something on for noise in the background is Burlesque. I'm not a big Cher fan, but I am a big Christina Aguilera fan. All the way back to her Genie in a Bottle days.

I like writing with fountain pens. To me they are very classic and wonderful. I have a couple of them and love to use them. I have one that was my great-grandmothers that I need to get repaired. But, I'm SO scared to mail it to the pen hospital. If it was damaged or lost I would be heart broken!

I'm a pack rat by nature. I have to be very deliberate about getting rid of things. And watching any Toy Story movie only makes my pack-ratted-ness worse.

I don't have a "thing." I don't collect anything in particular. My mom does roosters, I have a friend who does owls. My sister-in-law is all about branches/leaves/birds. My sister did frogs for awhile and then she did cowboy boots and camo. I just don't have a thing. Pink is the closest thing to a thing I have...

Ok, now I have to offer you up a few great blogs that I like to read!

Lindsay @ the berteau life

Melissa @ Little Mrs. Married

Camille @ from Texas, with love

Alrighty, go check out these wonderful blogs and be ready, I'll have another blog award post coming up shortly!


MiChE said...

Congrats on your blog award!

I think it's amazing that you can teach yourself to sew through you tube! Nice. You should post some of stuff you are sewing!

Kathy S said...

Congrats on the awards!

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