Thursday, August 25, 2011

Kitchen Decor & Things we Collect

Last week I finally got motivated and hung these shadow boxes in our kitchen! I've had them for quite a while, I just couldn't decide where to put them. Kitchen? Living room? Bedroom? I just didn't know. Finally, I figured out I wanted them in the kitchen. You see, we have several glasses that I wanted to display and just didn't have a good way to display them! Now I do!

Left glass: Peace, Love, Rock and Roll; from Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
Center Glasses: Champagne flutes my sister gave Mr. B & I for our Wedding
Right Glass: The Founding Glass, from Fenway Park, a Boston Red Sox glass
The Founding Glass. What's the point of this? When Mr. B went to Boston a few years ago, he bought this glass as a souvenir. Since then, Mr. B has collected glasses wherever he's gone. Some of them have interesting stories behind them. Like the glass from University of South Carolina. This one is unique. The glasses there were a bit more expensive than usual, so Mr. B decided to purchase a University of South Carolina Alumni glass. No, neither of us has graduated from University of South Carolina, but the glass was significantly cheaper than the others, so that's what we got it. Yeah, I always chuckle when using that glass!

Some, like the OSU coffee mug completely changed our collecting plan. We couldn't find a glass we liked there, so we purchased this coffee mug that we both really liked. So, later on that same trip, we purchased the Gateway Arch mug. It's pretty awesome. So now, when we travel we decided to expand our options to coffee mugs.

Now, below is a picture of {most} of the glasses we've collected. I say most because about 15 of them were dirty when I took this picture. And, this doesn't include all of our glasses either. We also have Star Trek glasses and a  few others I didn't pull out for this picture. As you can see, our cabinet is also pretty close to being super full. I told Mr. B, after our next trip I'm going to have to rearrange our cabinets so all of our glasses can fit. Oh, and when you have this many glasses you also have to rotate them. You ended up finding you're using the same 10 or so glasses so you have to move them around to use some different ones. Yeah, life is rough when you travel this much!


Katie said...

I collect glasses/mugs too! My mom used to hate it when I lived at home!

Kathy S said...

Very cool.

Newlywed and Decorating said...

It's fun to have something to remind you of your travels!

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