Friday, August 26, 2011

Friday Fancies: Black Tie Wedding Guest

Friday Fancies: Black Tie Wedding Guest

This week we were prompted with pretty much anything wedding. It could be a bridal look, a look for the bridesmaids or a look for a guest. I decided to do a look I've been dying to do. Friday's Fancies always makes me want to do a black-tie look and this was the week. I've always wanted to attend a black tie wedding and if I could, this is the look I would go with. Very classic and so perfect!

I love this Oscar de la Renta dress. I would remove the bows, I think they're a little much, but overall this dress is perfect. I would love wearing it.

And, anything this perfect requires Manolo. I heart Manolo. I even named my iPod Manolo Blahnik. Whenever I have lots and lots of money, I'm going to own a pair of Manolo Blahniks. Because they are so gorgeous!

And, after spending too much time searching for the perfect diamond necklace and then I thought pearls. Pearls would be perfect. And they were. So, that's how I finished the outfit off!

Now, I just wish I had somewhere to wear this outfit too! It's just too pretty!

Y'all have a great weekend!! And stop by tomorrow, I have a delicious recipe all lined up for you!!


Meggan of Lila Grace said...

Such an elegant dress - perfect for a black tie wedding! I love the Manolos you paired it with and think it is the cutest thing that you call your iPod Manolo Blahnik! Have a great weekend! xo

Stephanie said...

What a gorgeous dress!!!

Marian said...

Those dresses are fabulous!! I wish I could wear something like of these days;)

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