Saturday, August 27, 2011

Breakfast Braid

Ok...I wrote this awhile ago, and I did something I NEVER do, I wrote it in Word. I NEVER write my blog posts in Word. I just write them in Blogger. Then I can work on them from any computer etc. It works for me. Well, today I was starting this post for the THIRD time and was confused why I still felt like I wrote this before. I finally figured it out doing something else entirely. So, ladies and gentlemen, please, please try this delicious dish. It will make me feel like ALL of this craziness was worth it!


When I originally started blogging, I started a food blog, this is many moons ago, but I definitely had a food blog. It was close to my heart until I started this one. And then it pretty much fell by the wayside. Oops. And then I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do with it. Did I want to try and revive it? Then that would mean another blog to blog on. Did I want to just let it drop off the face of the earth and start blogging recipes here? Well, since this is the second recipe I’m posting, I guess you can figure out what I decided.

I’m now officially posting recipes here at It Takes 2. And, I’m going to start a recipe page up at the top too! So, that they can all be in one place! It seems like it may be the best method to this and y’all wonderful blogging friends of mine can see some of the delicious things that I like to cook!

So, on to the recipe!

First, grab these delicious ingredients!

4 eggs
½ pound breakfast meat (I used bacon.)
¼ onion
2 cups cheese (I used cheddar.)
1 can refrigerated pizza dough

Now, here’s a few notes on ingredients. I used bacon, I highly recommend sausage. In hindsight, Mr. B and I both agree that we would have preferred sausage in this meal. So, just do yourself a favor and go straight for the sausage. Learn from my mistake. My next thought is this. Pretend you’re making your favorite omelet. Now put those ingredients in this. Love mushrooms? Add them! Peppers make you happy? Toss them in there! This is such a forgiving meal and is almost impossible to mess up! Now, get ready to cook!

Walk over to oven, set it for 425 degrees. Yep. Now grab a cookie sheet and spray that sucker down with some Pam…you’d hate for this delicious eats to find itself stuck to the cookie sheet when you’re done! Then spread your pizza dough out over the whole cookie sheet (approximately 10 inches by 15 inches). Alright, I have fallen in love with scissors in lieu of knives. Seriously. I like to cook bacon by the half slice, it fits in the pan better. I don’t use a knife to cut it in half, I use scissors. For this next step, I used scissors. Seriously, try it. If I’m not a culinary genius, well, I just me. Ok, cut an equal amount of strips on each long side of the dough. Later on down the line, you’re going to criss-cross these to make the braid. I left about 3 inches in the middle uncut. It was a pretty good amount of space. Now, set this aside. We’ve got other things to prepare.

Real quick here, grab your eggs and prepare them your favorite way to make scrambled eggs. I add a bit of milk, salt and pepper to my eggs and whisk them up nicely. And by whisk I mean grab a fork and beat them to death, but that’s just how I do it. No need for you to follow in my footsteps if you prefer another way to do it. Just get your scrambled egg concoction ready and move on to the next step.

Alrighty, if you’re using bacon (despite my warnings; if you use bacon and are disappointed, it’s not my fault. Seriously guys, just listen to me on this? K? k. Thanks!) go ahead and fry that up now. Otherwise, start your sausage in your pan. Once that is about cooked, toss your veggies in to cook. Get them softened up all nice like. Then, add your scrambled egg mixture to the pan and scramble your eggs up nicely. I recommend having your scrambled eggs a bit wet when you’re done because they are going to get cooked a bit more down the line. But do whatever makes you happy. Now that they’re done, go ahead and set them aside, too.

Grab your prepared pizza dough. Got it? Ready? Ok. Sprinkle half of your cheese on the bottom. Try to spread it out some so that you can have some cheese in every delicious bite. Now, grab your egg, sausage, veggie mixture. Lay it out evenly on the not-cut portion of the pizza dough. Once it’s on there, add the rest of your cheese. Yummy…cheese!  Ok. Now we’re going to make this into the braided goodness that it is! Take one fringe from each side and criss-cross them. And do that all the way to the end. I brought the last two up and over and just kind of criss-crossed them wherever. It wasn’t the most beautiful ending, but it got the job done. (If you criss-crossed both ends first and then started at one end and worked to the other, it would finish up much prettier!)

Now, bake it for 15 minutes or until it’s a nice pretty golden brown color. Pull it out. Cut it, serve it up. Enjoy your deliciousness you just created. Oh, and isn’t it so pretty too?

Ok, I’ve also got a couple of suggestions for you when serving this awesomeness up. First, it’s really wonderful exactly how it is. But, if you want to add a little happiness to it, salsa spices it up wonderfully. But, what I really imagine serving this with is white gravy. Seriously, I think it would complement this dish perfectly! So, feel free to try that and let me know how it goes!

Alright. Now that you have my whole recipe and all of my thoughts, please go on and enjoy this. And, know it reheats wonderfully. Make it on Monday, slice it up, reheat it in the morning and you have breakfast every day this week! Try it…you’ll love it!


Kathy S said...

That sounds delicious!

Zara said...

That sounds so delish!
I really really want one right now. I might have to run out to the store and pick up the ingredients.


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