Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Target Tuesday

*Yes, I wasn't paying attention and managed not to title my post. I have corrected this error...but really, I can't believe I did that...*

Today, I'm taking a slightly different approach to Target Tuesday, if you don't mind! Of course, I'm linking up with Tara at fabulous but evil!!  But the difference today is, today is less about what I want and is more of a...celebration!!

You see, one week ago MY Target opened up!!! Yes, we had one in town, but this one is like five whole minutes from my house!! And it's gorgeous. And beautiful. And the most perfect thing ever. And, it's soooo close to home!!! 

Me & MY Target

You see, this may be the most talked about Target ever. This Target was rumored to be coming to this location prior to Hurricane Katrina. And every year or so, a new rumor would pop up about how this year Target was actually coming. But, those rumors, without fail, proved to be false. Until a year or so ago. This time the rumor came (I ignored it, of course, no needs to get my hopes up) and then, something strange happened. 

Construction started.

Signs went up.

Target was mentioned by name as coming to the mall.

And, this pass week, all of our patience became worth it. Target made it's soft opening. And, by shear luck, I was there to make my very first Target purchase from the new Target on the very first day.  It was so exciting! I walked through the store just a little giddy! It was just too exciting!! 

Now, being the person with my camera I am, I just had to take a few pictures of my first visit to the new Target.

My first purchase at the new Target.
These earrings!
So, this week is not so much about what I want as what I've got, but fun nonetheless!


tara said...

I just love the picture of you and your target! :) too cute!

Bibi said...

I wish I had a Target close by, I love it so much better than Walmart. Yay for you :)
Great pictures!

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