Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Oh, How Pinteresting Wednesday {vol 2}


I LOVE Pinterest. It's one of those fun things I like to do when killing time. Recently. I've found myself being quite inspired by all of the color combinations I've been seeing. It makes me want to constantly redesign my blog...seriously...I want to change everything every about 10 minutes. I see a new color scheme, fall in love and am SO over the previous one I just saw.  Yeah, I don't have time for that... Now, I'm going to share some of the inspiration with you fine people. (And whenever I say, er type... "you fine people" I always think of the scene in Titanic where Jack Dawson is eating dinner in first class with Rose's people.)

It also makes me want to bake and decorate super cute cakes and cupcakes! I love looking at cute cakes! And they ALWAYS make me want to go bake something. So, even as I'm writing this I'm already thinking about baking! Hopefully, I can make something that looks as cute as these...

And these just might be the next thing I try and make!

And, I really love when Don Draper meets me IRL via crazy Pinterest stuff. Below is a flow chart to know how to handle situations in Don Draper fashion!

Source: via Betty on Pinterest

Do you pin? Let me know if you do, I'd love to follow you!!


Miranda said...

Ha ha. I love your reference to the line in Titanic! :)


Mandy said...

You can bake me a super cute cake! I love eating cake. :)

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