Monday, July 18, 2011

In a D-I-Y Mood

Recently I have begun using to help procrastinate entertain me during the my free time. I put my interests to include arts and crafts and have found myself stumbling upon many things I wanted to try to make. It has put me in a real DIY mood. Seriously, I have a long list of things I want to make to and here's just a few of them.

{ one }
A tank top dress!

I found a tutorial for how to make these and I just can't wait to make one. They are going to fill my closet as soon as I can start working on them. I have so many plans for them already. Floral skirts, gingham skirts, I even see one with a Saints pattern for Saints games. (Yeah, I'm a nerd like that!) 

I will be using Academichic's tutorial as my guide - her's even includes pockets! Although, I think I'm going to add an elastic waistband to mine after reading her review. I can't wait to start this project.

{ two }
Elastic Waistband Skirt!

This is one of my next projects, too. I love skirts, they are my preferred thing to wear. They are so comfortable and of course, cute. And they always look put together. So, when I found a tutorial for making your basic elastic waistband skirt, I knew that I was going to be making one. A soon as I could. I'll be using this tutorial to make my skirt. My closet is going to be in fabulous shape soon!

{ three }
Mason Jar Key Hook

Ok, I think this is absolutely adorable. Now, I don't know where it would go, and if I would actually use it for keys. Maybe, with the right hooks it could be for towels. I'm not sure...either way, I'm going to be making one these...

Yep, and it's another tutorial, found here.

{ four }
Glass Etched Pyrex

I ran across this and I can't wait to update my Pyrex will take something so completely ordinary and make it so wonderfully exciting! I can't wait to enjoy this once I've completed this little project. I'll be using this little tutorial to guide me on my way!

Once I make some of these things, I will definitely be posting pictures! I'm so excited to get to a little crafting! The first 2 things are on my 101 in 1001 and I can't wait to cross a couple of things off of that list! Tonight Mr. B & I will be discussing our budget for next month and that'll give me a chance to see what I can afford to start doing! (Eek! I'm so excited!)

In other news, I've been suffering from MAJOR writers block. Seriously. I sit here, open up to a new post and stare at the's horrible. I want to write. I want to tell you about something...anything, but nothing comes to me. So, hopefully I start to come around...this post is hopefully a great place to start! Everyone have a great week!! Happy Monday!


Zara said...

I've also been in a major DIY mood. I want to make dresses and skirts as well. I think I'm going to try that tutorial out. PS. I love stumbelupon.

Bibi said...

Followed the links, the tutorials were awesome. I wish I was talented enough with the sewing machine to attempt the skirt/tank Top dress... someday maybe.
thanks for sharing!

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