Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday's Fancies: Little White Dress

Little White Dress

Ahh, Friday. You are a dear friend! And, like I do I'm linking up with {av} of {long distance loving} for Friday's Fancies!

Today's set includes a wonderful little white dress...but I can't be quiet when I start to get dressed, I must make a statement. So, today is a little bit of color. Red to be exact.

I started out with a little white dress. Something simple. It could stand alone with a cute pair of shoes and a little bit of jewelery. But, I want more.

So, I added a blazer to it. I've added a nice Olive Green military inspired blazer for some structure and a nice color. But, the real pop starts with the accessories.

Red and Gold will complete this perfect. Since the jacket is olive green this desn't look christmassy. But the red really pops. Red shoes, red bracelets, I'm even replacing the boring black belt with a nice red one. I see the outfit with the dress, the belt and then the blazer over the all of that. And that purse is awesome! Oh, and the

Also notice the depth of cohesiveness in the outfit. There is also a bow theme going on. The hair clip (heart!), the shoes, the earrings, they all have bows!

Yep, I really like this outfit. I wish I had everything so that I could go out wearing it! I guess I'll have to aquire a LWD. I have the red shoes (complete with bow!), red nail polish, some red accessories. I just need the dress! I think I've even seen a couple on Targets website! Maybe I can get my hands on one soon!

This weekend is going to be pretty quiet for the hubby and me! We've got a friend coming over for dinner tonight (we're having my famous Baked Potato Soup) and then the hubby is going to go play tennis. Sans me. Yay! (I HATE tennis!). Then, Saturday and Sunday, no real plans. Just sit quietly at home. Or find something local and cheap to do! Maybe something where I can take my camera out for a spin. I'm always wanting interesting things to take pictures of!

So, have a great weekend and I look forward to hearing about everyone's weekends on Monday!

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Bibi said...

cute outfit! I almost have everything, minus the shoes and everything else that's red hahaha.
Maybe we can see the recipe for the famous potato soup?!? I'm curious :) it sounds yummy.
Have a wonderful relaxed weekend, Betty.

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