Monday, July 11, 2011

The A.P.T.

I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend! I really enjoyed the chance to get to hang out with my family! I'll tell you all about that soon! But, in the meantime, we're going to have a quick peak around the apartment so that you can see what's been done to the place!

Like I told you here, we recently got a canvas print of one of our wedding pictures! I can't believe we've had it almost 3 weeks! We got it hung up pretty quickly but I was trying to figure out what pictures to put with it to help finish out the wall.

Well, During the process of painting the living room the rest of the way, I actually found a couple of photos right in the apartment that look AWESOME next to the canvas, so now I can present to you the completed living room! Woot!

First, here is a quick before shot of the living room:
I used this picture for my Project 365, that's why there is text in it...

Here it is!

This is our {new} tv console with the tv.
I got the flowers from michael's and they are in a bottle from the
dublin, texas dr pepper bottling plant (we got that on vacay!)
The center photo is our canvas {love!}
The other two photos are engagement photos!
the shelf in the corner is from a great great  of mine, i got it from my Mamaw.
I need to figure out what to put on them!'s a hubby resting on the couch!
These were the last two walls in the apartment waiting to be painted! All done!
The painting we got while on vacation in St. Charles, MO. We {heart} it!
Also, we got new pillows and throw for the couch...compliments our accent wall perfectly!
(On the to-do list, coffee table, curtains, new shade for the lamp.)

Our stairs!
The color underneath the stairs is also going to go on the wall behind the stairs.
The bookshelf is going to be painted and make it's way upstairs to the office.

This is a view of the living room to the kitchen.
I told you about the paint in the kitchen here and here.
To-do list from this angle - paint the shelves.
I'm loving the color. I had a moment of doubt (a couple of times). I was just so concerned that the color would be too much. I was afraid it was going to be too yellow. But, it turned out PERFECT. Y'all, if you want to use a yellow on your walls, seriously consider Behr's Banana Cream. It's the perfect shade of yellow. It's just bright enough that it's refreshing, warm and inviting. But, it definitely DOES NOT look like Big Bird yellow and it's soft enough that it's not overpowering. My family and Mr. B's family have both liked the color! I tell Mr. B frequently how much I LOVE the color! It's just perfect.

I'm hoping to get some more painting done soon. We have to go borrow a ladder from Mr. B's parents to paint the stairwell, and I'm soooo excited for that! It's going to be awesome! And, of course, I'll post pictures once it's done!

My painting plans for the rest of the apartment are this:
1) Stairwell - Banana Cream & Cinnamon Stick
2) Landing - Banana Cream
3) Office - Grey
4) Master Bedroom - Tan
5) Upstairs Bathroom - Lavender w/ Royal Purple Accent wall
6) Downstairs Bathroom - Eh, I don't remember the color...

The bathrooms are going to be challenging. They both have wallapaper and are going to need a little bit of TLC to remove the wallpaper prior to painting. That's not going to be any fun. And it has to come off. It's already starting to peel and I just don't want to have a poor paint job on the walls. If I'm going through the effort to do all of the work of painting, I DEFINITELY want to make sure that it looks good!

So, there's the plans for the apartment! I'll of course show pictures as I finish them...

I hope y'all have a great Monday! The hubby is home because he's sick, so I'm taking care of him (and working and blogging!) but, it's nice to have him here to talk too!


Zara said...

I love canvas prints. I wish they weren't so expensive so I could have more of them! :-)
I really like what you did with that wall and corner. Looks perfect and so pulled together!

Lindsay said...

It's looking great! :)

Holly said...

I love it! Looks like a great cozy apartment :)

Bibi - Simple Summit said...

Gorgeous, darling. Your apartment looks so cozy, I love it!
My living room's got a yellow color, too. It's very bright an sunny -- great choice for yours, too!

♥ Bibi

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