Friday, July 29, 2011

Friday's Fancies: Colorful Polka Dots

Friday's Fancies: Colorful Polka Dots

Today I'm linking up with {av} at {long distance loving} for Friday's Fancies again! This week she gave us a couple of prompts to work with and I took to the polka dots. I just adore polka dots. While I was working on this outfit I ran across those bright green shoes and just knew (like you know) what this outfit was going to here it is.

This black and white polka dot dress was the perfect back drop for a ton of bright colors! These green shoes are bright and casual. Perfect for a date night with the hubby. The red belt is perfect for cinching off my waist. The yellow umbrella? A TOTAL necessity as it has downpoured every afternoon/evening this week.

Matter of fact, it's rained so much this week I'm tired of rain. I want to be able to go outside this weekend and play with my camera. At this rate, to do that I'll have to go get a camera poncho. Not my number one choice. So, I'm going to pack this bright umbrella! At least it will be able to be my sun while the son is hiding!

So, there's my outfit for the weekend. Hopefully, I'll have the hubby taking me to see Crazy Stupid Love tonight! I'm not a big Steve Carrell fan, but when I originally saw that a {shirtless} Ryan Gosling was going to be in it, I had to see it. Because, let's face it, Ryan Gosling

As Emma Stone's character says:
{Seriously, it's like you're photoshopped!}

Yep, that right there is more than enough for me to go see the movie. But, I learned something else.

All you Grobanites ready?

Josh Groban has a role in this movie. And aparently he's going to play a bad boy/jerk type of role. Oh. Emm. Gee. This movie is going to be a slice of heaven for me!!

So, yes, I'm willing to venture out with all of the teeny bopper's tonight to go see my two celebrity crushes on the same big screen at the same time!

Good luck making it through Friday and everyone, have a great weekend!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Oh, How Pinteresting Wednesday {vol 2}


I LOVE Pinterest. It's one of those fun things I like to do when killing time. Recently. I've found myself being quite inspired by all of the color combinations I've been seeing. It makes me want to constantly redesign my blog...seriously...I want to change everything every about 10 minutes. I see a new color scheme, fall in love and am SO over the previous one I just saw.  Yeah, I don't have time for that... Now, I'm going to share some of the inspiration with you fine people. (And whenever I say, er type... "you fine people" I always think of the scene in Titanic where Jack Dawson is eating dinner in first class with Rose's people.)

It also makes me want to bake and decorate super cute cakes and cupcakes! I love looking at cute cakes! And they ALWAYS make me want to go bake something. So, even as I'm writing this I'm already thinking about baking! Hopefully, I can make something that looks as cute as these...

And these just might be the next thing I try and make!

And, I really love when Don Draper meets me IRL via crazy Pinterest stuff. Below is a flow chart to know how to handle situations in Don Draper fashion!

Source: via Betty on Pinterest

Do you pin? Let me know if you do, I'd love to follow you!!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Target Tuesday

*Yes, I wasn't paying attention and managed not to title my post. I have corrected this error...but really, I can't believe I did that...*

Today, I'm taking a slightly different approach to Target Tuesday, if you don't mind! Of course, I'm linking up with Tara at fabulous but evil!!  But the difference today is, today is less about what I want and is more of a...celebration!!

You see, one week ago MY Target opened up!!! Yes, we had one in town, but this one is like five whole minutes from my house!! And it's gorgeous. And beautiful. And the most perfect thing ever. And, it's soooo close to home!!! 

Me & MY Target

You see, this may be the most talked about Target ever. This Target was rumored to be coming to this location prior to Hurricane Katrina. And every year or so, a new rumor would pop up about how this year Target was actually coming. But, those rumors, without fail, proved to be false. Until a year or so ago. This time the rumor came (I ignored it, of course, no needs to get my hopes up) and then, something strange happened. 

Construction started.

Signs went up.

Target was mentioned by name as coming to the mall.

And, this pass week, all of our patience became worth it. Target made it's soft opening. And, by shear luck, I was there to make my very first Target purchase from the new Target on the very first day.  It was so exciting! I walked through the store just a little giddy! It was just too exciting!! 

Now, being the person with my camera I am, I just had to take a few pictures of my first visit to the new Target.

My first purchase at the new Target.
These earrings!
So, this week is not so much about what I want as what I've got, but fun nonetheless!

Monday, July 25, 2011

You Ain't Nothin' But a Hound Dog...

When I was a kid we had a dachshund named Clancy for a short while. He was roaming our street and we were outside playing. My dad told his best friend, Bill not to call the dog over for any reason. Well, since I'm telling you this story, you can imagine, Bill not only called the dog over, but he also fed him. Clearly, there was no getting rid of the dog. So, we did the only responsible thing. We put him in the back yard and we put up signs for the found dog.

We did receive a call and the owner stopped by. We found out that his name was Clancy and that he had been the doggie Casanova. (In other words, he was used for breeding other dachshunds.) When he was picking him up I just couldn't bear to separate myself from the dog. So, since I was such a cute kid, the owner offered to let us keep the dog because he was old and was no longer used for breeding. Surprisingly, my parents agreed and we were allowed to keep the dog.

Well, not too long after we got him, I was sitting with him in my lap and he was licking my face. We think that I petted him wrong and it hurt him because he ended up nipping my cheek and I finished that day with 4 stitches. That also began the process of finding Clancy a new home.   :(

Since the day we sent Clancy to a new home I've always wanted another dog. Since my parents always rented, we were never allowed a dog. And, I pretty much gave up on ever having a dog in the foreseeable future. You see, Mr. B is just not interested in having a dog. Each discussion came to the same conclusion, no dog for the immediate future. A dog was something to be discussed again in the future.

But, after much thought, Mr. B has finally made a concession! After we pay off all of our debt, I can have a dog!!


I know it's going to be awhile before I have a dog. But, it's so great to know what goals need to be reached before we get a dog. And, it can really help me stay focused and not buy a ton of stuff while we're paying off debt. Because, let's face it, a dog is like a really big reward!! So, now I'm starting to do some dog research.

I REALLY want a Boston Terrier.

Source: via Shannon on Pinterest

I'm also finding Beagle's pretty cute.

Source: via Lynda on Pinterest

And Frenchie's. I like these too!

I know so much more than "is it cute" goes into picking a dog, but so far it's a good place to start! And I have lots of time to figure it out!

I've taken a couple of preliminary quizzes online and lucky for me all three of these dogs come up as potential good matches! I also know that I will go to a shelter and find a dog that has a good personality for us. But, in the meantime, I'm going to enjoy looking!!

I'm also starting to figure out what's on my checklist of requirements for this dog. For instance, I know that I want a short hair dog because I don't want to have to get them groomed regularly or have to deal with lots of long hair if we don't get it groomed. And I know that I want a smaller dog, something that fits well in our apartment! Oh, and Mr. B and I already agree that we don't want to share the bed with the dog. And, I'm already figuring we will probably have a mutt because of the lower propensity for the dog to have inherited health problems. (But, I'll still look at the cuties above until I actually get a dog!)

So, I've a got a good start and I have plenty of time to figure it all out! But, I'm just so excited that Mr. B and I came to an agreement for me having a dog! Really, I can't tell you how excited I am!!

I hope you have a great Monday!! And, I'd love to hear about your dog if you have one, because I'm going to have my own furbaby one day!!!!! EEK! I'm just so excited!!!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday's Fancies: Little White Dress

Little White Dress

Ahh, Friday. You are a dear friend! And, like I do I'm linking up with {av} of {long distance loving} for Friday's Fancies!

Today's set includes a wonderful little white dress...but I can't be quiet when I start to get dressed, I must make a statement. So, today is a little bit of color. Red to be exact.

I started out with a little white dress. Something simple. It could stand alone with a cute pair of shoes and a little bit of jewelery. But, I want more.

So, I added a blazer to it. I've added a nice Olive Green military inspired blazer for some structure and a nice color. But, the real pop starts with the accessories.

Red and Gold will complete this perfect. Since the jacket is olive green this desn't look christmassy. But the red really pops. Red shoes, red bracelets, I'm even replacing the boring black belt with a nice red one. I see the outfit with the dress, the belt and then the blazer over the all of that. And that purse is awesome! Oh, and the

Also notice the depth of cohesiveness in the outfit. There is also a bow theme going on. The hair clip (heart!), the shoes, the earrings, they all have bows!

Yep, I really like this outfit. I wish I had everything so that I could go out wearing it! I guess I'll have to aquire a LWD. I have the red shoes (complete with bow!), red nail polish, some red accessories. I just need the dress! I think I've even seen a couple on Targets website! Maybe I can get my hands on one soon!

This weekend is going to be pretty quiet for the hubby and me! We've got a friend coming over for dinner tonight (we're having my famous Baked Potato Soup) and then the hubby is going to go play tennis. Sans me. Yay! (I HATE tennis!). Then, Saturday and Sunday, no real plans. Just sit quietly at home. Or find something local and cheap to do! Maybe something where I can take my camera out for a spin. I'm always wanting interesting things to take pictures of!

So, have a great weekend and I look forward to hearing about everyone's weekends on Monday!

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