Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Today I'm linking up at This Kind of Love for WILW. I have been super busy this week getting to do things I love. I'm so glad to have a chance to brag talk about it here!

{ one }
I love having a super flexible work from home job. My last two office jobs sucked and I'm loving that I have a job that lets me make money and do the things I love.

{ two }
Today I got my Canvas on Demand canvas in. It's BEAUTIFUL!! I can't wait to hang it up!! (I'll post pictures as soon as it's up!)
This is the picture we had done!

{ three }
I'm enjoying the summer things I've gotten to do.

Like - Go Swimming

And Pick Blueberries!

{ four }
And, I love the wonderful {little} people I've gotten to do it with!

{ five }
And, {always} I'm loving this man!
Mr. B at the Zephyr's game.

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