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Wedding A to Z

Mr. B and I have been married for 7 months. And, it has been wonderful!! And recently, I have been seeing a bunch of people doing these Wedding A to Z posts, so I figured I would do one too! So, here it goes! It promises to be long but who doesn't love reading about weddings?! (And Please, Please forgive the photo overload!)

A: Attendance
We invited around 125. A bunch of those were aunts and uncles who were out of town and who we knew wouldn't be able to make it. Of the 125 invited about 85 attended. It was PERFECT. I had everyone I cared about there and it wasn't too many people to feed so it kept costs in control!

B: Bridesmaids
I had 2 bridesmaids.

Robin: Robin is one of my closest friends since I moved to New Orleans. I hang out with her regularly and she's always there for me if I need someone to talk too. We have a lot of common interests and we share some friend circles. I love her to death and know we'll be friends for a long time!
Lindsay: Lindsay is my Sister-In-Law. She's married to Mr. B's brother. She was one of the first people I really got to know when I moved to New Orleans because L&L were wonderful and let me live with them for a few months. She's become a dear friend, really more like another sister! 
Sarah: Sarah's my sister. And she was my maid of honor. I'm two years older than her but she likes to remind me she's two inches taller than me. As kids we fought like crazy but after we moved to San Antonio, we got much closer. Suddenly, we kind of became all that each other had for a little while.
And, just because I can, here's a picture of all of us together:
L to R: Sarah, Robin, Me, Lindsay

C: Cake
I LOVE cake. And I LOVE to bake. So, for our wedding, one place that Mr. B and I decided to splurge was on our cake. We got it from Haydel's and we enjoyed it tremendously. It was traditional wedding cake with lemon filling and pineapple filling. I was wonderfully happy with the cake. And, as I'm sitting here thinking about it, I really want to go to Haydel's and order a small cake just so that I can enjoy it again!
Our Cake! And Champagne Glasses!

Top o' the Cake.
I LOVED our cake topper!

Even though we didn't do cake pulls in Texas,
I decided to do a cake pull.
Here I am trying to instruct them on what to do...
Yeah...that was a challenge!

Oh, and this was a great we lost our minds picture.
But, it's really one of my favorites from the wedding!

D: Dress
My dress was a wonderful experience. My whole family went shopping for it with me. My Mom and Dad and my Mamaw and Grandaddy and my Sister all went. It was quite a group. My mom was the one who found the dress.

E: Engagement
Mr. B and I were engaged in September 2007. Mr. B and I were sitting outside of Puccino's on Magazine Street. We had gotten a coffee and were sitting outside on the sidewalk enjoying our coffee. While we were talking I was wearing Mr. B's college class ring trying to convince him to let me wear it all the time on a chain around my neck. While I was trying to convince him, he pulled out the box holding my engagement ring and made me an offer I couldn't refuse. He said "I'll trade you that ring for this one." And as they say, the rest was history! You can read the long version of the story here.
Me & My ring!

F: Flowers
Because we were on a budget, I did the flowers myself. I ordered the flowers (carnations in 3 colors - white, light pink and hot pink) from Sam's. I had them delivered on Friday before the wedding and then I spent Friday putting the flowers together with my mom. I made the centerpieces, the bouquets and the boutineers. They came out wonderful and I was very happy with them. My only change I would make is I would have made my bouquet smaller. It was too large for me to hold (comfortably at least!!)
The Centerpieces.

G: Groomsmen
Ah, this is one of my favorite stories of the whole wedding. Mr. B originally planned to have 2 groomsmen. His brother would be his Best Man and his friend Steve would be his second groomsmen. He just didn't know how to go about picking one person for the final groomsmen because he had so many options. Well, on Friday before the wedding, Mr. B was picking up his tux with Steve and we learned we were one tux short of having a free tux. So, Mr. B called up Steve's cousin (who had been under consideration for a groomsmen position) and asked him to join the group. And he did. Friday before the wedding. So, we ended up with three groomsmen.
Steve, Mr. B, Lee & Mike - the infamous 3rd groomsman

H: Honeymoon
Mr. B and I waited 6 weeks to take our honeymoon. The first few days were spent in Cleveland, Ohio visiting my family there. Due to his health my Papa couldn't come to the wedding. Mr. B and I decided to visit him at Christmas so that we could see him quickly after getting married. After we spent Christmas there, Mr. B and I headed to Washington D.C. for the "official" honeymoon part of the trip. We had a great time riding the Metro, seeing the sites and eating delicious food. We had Chipotle as often as we could and tried new things too! The trip was too short, but we had a blast. And it gave us the first several thousand miles we've begun counting!
Mr. B and I riding the tour was COLD up top!

Mr. B kissing me at the Washington Monument.

I: Invitations
Our invitations were one of my favorite parts of the wedding. We used very untraditional wording...and, we even used different fonts and different colored fonts to make it just a little more fun! And, I switched the boring white ribbon for hot pink ribbon to match our wedding colors. They were PERFECT! We got a lot of compliments on those!

J: Justice of the Peace
Our Minister was my Uncle Kerry! He and his family drove out from San Antonio to be there and it means the world to me!
My Uncle Kerry walking to the front.

K: Keepsakes
I'm going to do what so many people are doing for this one, favors. We had little candy boxes for everyone to take home. Again, we spent some time using color coordinating ribbon instead of the preboxed ones. It really made it all seem a little more special that way!

L: Ladies Night
I had 2 bachelorette parties! The first one was the same weekend as my bridal shower. I had one of my good friends from Katy in town to visit and my sister was in town too. So we took off down to Bourbon Street to drink and have a good time. My dear FIL was so kind as to pick us up, drop us off and run red lights for us! (My sister needed to he ran a red light to get her to a bathroom!)
Here we are on Bourbon Street.
Complete with the picture of our friend Shauna who couldn't be there.
My second bachelorette party was with Lindsay, Robin and my other friend Jennifer. We went to hibachi, got dessert at Sucre. Robin and I finished up the night getting a drink at the bulldog. It was a lot of fun...and I never complain about Sucre!!

M: Music
We had our favorite band, Abeia play for our wedding. A friend of ours is in the band and we go see them play frequently at the Starbucks in Harahan. (If you are in the NOLA area, you have to check them out - they're great!) They play jazz music and we love listening to them. Mr. B and I are so glad we spent the money to have them play. It was one of our favorite parts of the wedding! They played both the ceremony and the reception (since they were in the same building).

Song I Walked Down the Aisle to: A Kiss to Build a Dream On I didn't want to walk down the aisle to something traditional and this was perfect. I searched so long for a song and it's amazing how many songs aren't wedding appropriate but considered great love songs...this took me awhile to pick.

Song We Left to: All You Need Is Love Yes, the song by the Beatles. If we could have afforded it, we would have had the whole Love Actually experience! Best decision we made!

Our First Dance Song: Audrey This was an original piece by Abeia that we both loved. I wanted to dance to Etta James, At Last but that was one of the few things Mr. B put the keibash on. I was disappointed, but this ended up PERFECT.

Father Daughter Dance: My Dad and I danced to Cinderella by Steven Curtis Chapman. Girls, it's just as sweet as Butterfly Kisses but it's not over used. I loved it and it was perfect. My dad picked it out. It took us awhile to pick a song because we have the strangest song to consider "our song." Our first reaction for both of us was Alan Jackson's Chatahoochee. Yeah, that would have been a great, we had to figure out what else we liked. Cinderella was so good, it's become my dad's ringtone on my phone.

Mother Son Dance: Mr. B and I can't remember what song him and his mom danced to. So, here's a picture of them dancing. Whenever we figure out what song they danced to, I'll put it here.

N; Newlyweds
We had an early afternoon wedding and it was over at 4PM. That evening we got together with a bunch of our friends and family for dinner at our favorite pizza place in the French Quarter. We really enjoyed spending the evening with everyone but we were exhausted when we got back to the hotel. We took a day off of work, and spent the day together Monday relaxing. We ordered room service to start the day and then went to Earthsavers to have massages. We enjoyed spending the time together and then we went to the A.P.T. settled in and went to work the next day.
Mr. B and I at the after party!

O: Old, New, Borrowed, Blue
Something Old: Hanky that was my great-grandmothers.
Something New: My dress.
Something Borrowed: Hanky Again...
Something Blue: My toenails! I went with a light blue on them. It was awesome!

P: Photographer
Our photographer was a place we took a chance on. We really couldn't afford to have a professional photographer (it would have cost more than our whole wedding did!). Instead, we had a friend of a friend of a friend do the photography. He takes pretty good pictures, had a good camera and was willing to do it for cheap! There are a few photos that he missed, but it worked out ok. Anything he missed, someone else got. It worked out good for us. I'm glad we did it the way we did!

Q: Question Popping
Like so many other girls have said, see engagment. But, just for fun, here's another photo!

R: Reception:
Our Ceremony and Reception were both at Kenner Heritage Hall. We had actually called the city about a different location but it was booked solid. They said that they had a couple of dates available at this hall so we went and took a look at it. We LOVED it. It was beautiful and had such character. I fell in love with it and it worked out perfectly! Also, instead of a cater, one of my best friends did all of the cooking for us! She did a fabulous job and everything worked out wonderfully! We kept everything simple. My theme was "Simple Elegance." I was pretty happy with how everything turned out. It was beautiful, the music great, and we had a blast!
We talked with our guests!

I took time to stop and smell the flowers with one of my flowergirls!

And we release balloons with my family in memory of my brother.

S: Shoes
If you haven't figured out by now, let me just say this for you...I LOVE shoes. The shoes were almost more important than dress for me. I just love shoes that much. And, I wanted to have pink shoes. And I did.

T: Trash the Dress
I really wanted to do this, but I don't think it's going to happen. It's so hot outside now I really don't want to have to trapeze around in that dress! It was HOT in NOVEMBER. No way I'm going to try wearing it in June...I'm not nuts!!

U: Unique
We had a bunch of unique stuff. Song I walked down the aisle to, the song we exited to, our invitations. All of those were pretty unique. Not having a caterer was pretty unique too. Our photographer situation was pretty unique too!

V: Vows
We used traditional vows. We aren't the write your own vow types. I like traditional vows though, so it all worked out.

W: Wedding Woes
I don't really remember any now. We did have some last minute how's the band going to work out issues, but those all came together fine. Other than that, not much...

X: X-Rated
Um...I had thought of something that would have been good here but I can't remember it, so I'll give you this story. Mr. B and planned a couple of hours between the end of the reception and the after party so we could spend a little bit of time together, if you get what I mean. When we got to the hotel, we started checking out the room. Well, that's when we figured out that they had given us half of a suite. And our half of the suite had a murphy bed. Yeah, that wasn't going to work out so well. So, we asked to be moved which they did for us nicely. So, we get moved to our new room, which by now we were anxious to be at and we were probably 45 minutes shorter on time than we planned, but hey, it was our day. So, we did things the way wanted to and then went to dinner, but we were running late by this point. So, we were headed to the restaurant and my sister calls me. She's all mad because we were running late and I'm telling her we're on our way but she's ranting about us being late so the whole time I'm talking to her I'm trying to allude politely to why we were late so she would lay off of it, but she didn't. So, I guess that'll be acceptable for an x-rated story...

Y: Young Kids
We had 2 flowergirls and one ringbearer. They are some of our favorite kids. Here's a couple of pictures of us with them.

For the kids invited to the wedding they included these three, adorable, special kids. We also included any children that we were related to up to 1st cousins. We were trying to control the guest list and this included close family and friends but gave us a very clear dividing line. When someone called and asked, we were able to tell them, the only children there are cousins and those in the wedding.

Z:  Zzzz
We slept like babies that night! Me more than Mr. B I'm sure, but I couldn't hold my eyes open even though I wanted to! I was up at 4:30 AM that morning. And I went to bed at 1:30 AM the night before the wedding. (If you do your math, that means I got 3 hours of sleep for our wedding day.) So, I was EXHAUSTED!!! Mr. B got to sleep a little bit later than I did, but we were both tired I know!

Well, this was a ton of fun! It was so nice to look back on our wedding...and forgive the photo overload! I just couldn't help myself!


Rebekah said...

Very cool post Betty! But I have to ask...Trash the Dress? What does that mean?

Rebekah said...

Nevermind. I figured it out. LOL! I pretty much trashed mine on Bourbon Street after our wedding :) The bottom was disgusting.

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