Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Target Tuesday

Don't ask. I can't get this darn box to go away...

I've been dreaming of redoing our bedroom...we're using hand-me-down furniture and while it's very useful, I really don't like it. I dream of the day we can replace it! These pieces are much more like what I would want to see our room with...I really love our comforter, I don't want replace it. It's perfect and we love it.
This is our bedding set.

Below is the furniture and a couple of decorative pieces I'd like to go with it!

Normandy Headboard

Avington Dresser - Dark Tabacco

Avington Nightstand - Dark Tabacco
Home Stripe Window Curtain - Blue

Endless Love Mr & Mrs Picture Frame
Cherry Blossom Wall Art


tara said...

I love that headboard and the cherry blossom wall art! Glad you linked up! :)

Bibi - Simple Summit said...

I like your choice of furniture and window treatments, it's simple yet sophisticated looking! And I adore your comforter set! I love white-ish :) I'm curious to see the finished room !?!

A lot of our furniture are hand-me downs, too. I don't mind, though I do understand your view on it, too!

Mandy said...

I can't wait till we have most of our hand me down stuff updated. We have only had a chance to update two things. I love the dark wood.

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