Monday, June 13, 2011

Sunday with the B's

So, Sunday Mr. B and I got up, went to church (which was awesome! It was baptism weekend and that is always AWESOME.) After church, Mr. B and I took an impromptu trip to Baton Rouge (which is about an hour away). On the way there, we decided it was time to cross something off of my to do list.

Along the way to Baton Rouge, you have the option to go visit Port Manchac. And, in Port Manchac is Middendorf's. They are well known for their thin fried catfish. I've wanted to go try them for awhile because you hear all about them in these parts. So, we did. And, it was pretty good. (I'll be reviewing that on my food blog later.)
The Front of the Menu.
This is a very traditional photo for us to take!

The Thick Fried Catfish Mr. B ordered.

The House Special, Thin Fried Catfish.
Delicious. Try it. Just do.
So, after we were done with that, we went to "the Rough" (Baton Rouge) poked around the Mall of Louisiana and just enjoyed a lazy day together. After all of that, it was dinner time. We decided to pass up the chance to  go eat Whataburger (my most favorite!) and we decided to try something new. BJ's Restaurant and Brewhouse. I have been there a long time ago in Houston, but Mr. B hadn't been there, so we went.
The BJ's Menu!

We got there and we ordered some of their house brewed Cream Soda and Root Beer. It was delicious! And then we ordered dinner. We ordered the Best Beginnings appetizer so that we could split it and I could still have the Avocado Egg Rolls. So, they put in our order.

And the waiter comes back.

No. Avocado. Egg. Rolls.

They were sold out! I couldn't believe it! But, we rolled with the punches. So, we asked for a menu, told them to hold our order and re-evaluated the menu. So, we changed everything completely and I ordered the Baby-Back Ribs. Yum. I love ribs. And I've heard theirs are very good. So, that was the back up order I didn't know I needed. So, they put in our order (again).

And the waiter comes back.

No. Baby. Back. Ribs.

They were sold out of that too! I really couldn't believe it this time. What were the chances!?! So, Mr. B and I decided we weren't going to stay. We didn't want to go with option number 3. So, we told the waiter that we were going to leave. He offered us a drink to go and we took it! So, he went off to get our go cups.

And the waiter comes back.

And, just for a real laugh.

No. Lids.

You may I am joking, but I kid you not! Mr. B and I did not have the greatest of luck yesterday at BJ's!

Here's what I can tell you, our waiter did a GREAT job! He really took good care of us and he really did his best, the kitchen wasn't on his side. And, I left with an overall good impression of BJ's. If you live in an area near a BJ's please, don't let this stop you from trying them! it seems like it was just an awful turn of fate for us! And again, our waiter did a GREAT job!

This whole story is really about the irony...down to the cup lids! It was really funny!

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Holly said...

Your blog is really so cute, I can't remember if I've commented to you for that before! But I'm sorry about your bad adventure at that restaurant, but sounds like you guys had a good time anyway :)

Also I just read your engagement and wedding stories...way too cute! I'm happy you've finally gotten married!!

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