Thursday, June 30, 2011

Small Snapshots: Shadow

Today I am linking up (late...ugh!) at Kissed A Frog for Small Snapshots. Our prompt this week was Shadows! Now, I haven't taken many pictures this week AND I completely forgot about the prompt. So, I'm doing somethingI had hoped not to do again for awhile...pull a photo out of the archives.

This is one of my favorite photos I've taken. I took it at the Thomas Jefferson Memorial in December when I was on my honeymoon! First, there's just something I love about ol' T.J. (as I needed to call him when we were at the memorial). Well, his writing of the Declaration of Independence kind of endears him to me. And, I also like that he was responsible for the Louisiana Purchase. But, what really gave me my love for ol' T.J. was Monticello. From the first time I ever saw a picture of Monticello it really became love.

I really like the architecture of Monticello and so it's only appropriate that the architecture of ol' T.J.'s Memorial provided the shadows for today's photo! (Oh, and hopefully this story helps to forgive the fact that I pulled this photo from the archives!)

I also, pulled another one out of the archives and this is what I found. A Fat City Squirrel (also from our honeymoon). I saw this picture and saw all of the shadows on it and thought it was another good one to add here.

Now, y'all, I don't usually take pictures of the Exotic Wildlife . But, being from the south, I've never seen animals really prepare to go into hibernation. Especially squirrels. I can see those year around. So, these Fat City Squirrels really kind of threw me off and I found them SO cute. So, I grabbed a few pictures just so that I could prove to these southern people that squirrels really could store up food for the winter. So, without further ado (and at the hopes of controlling the length of this post some) here's the squirrel.

Look...his body is as fat as his tail is bushy!
Y'all have a great day, and check out Carissa's blog!


Carissa said...

I love architecture and shadows. Ok I love anything and shadows. But I like your picture of the TJ's memorial. It really gives a sense of the building. Haha cute fat squirrel!

Bibi - Simple Summit said...

Using the columns for a shadow is awesome - it makes you remember the building (and honeymoon) in an interesting and unusual way. I love it!

I remember the fat squirrels from my the time I lived in NY. It still surprises me how skinny they are here in the south ;-)

Great post, I love it!

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