Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Road Trip in Review - Day 5, Part 2

So, continuing on with Day 5, The B's left Dublin, Texas and we found or way to the "Big D."

It was time for me to touch a part of history. I grew up in Texas and I grew up knowing that JFK was assassinated in Dallas but I had never actually been to the area where it happened. So, Mr. B and I took the time to stop and see the area. So, we parked the car, walked the 2 blocks to the Texas Book Depository, The Grassy Knoll and Dealey Plaza.

The first stop on our historic tour was to see the Grassy Knoll. For all of you who have forgotten your basic JFK knowledge, the Grassy Knoll is the area on either side of the road where JFK was assassinated at. This is where the witness were standing.

This is the road that Kennedy's motorcade was driving down when he was shot.

Over my right shoulder is where the supposed second shooter was.
 So, after we had gotten the lay of the land from the ground it was time to head to the Texas Book Depository and visit the Sixth Floor Museum. I had a great time at the museum. I had learned the extreme basics on the assassination and this was the first time I got any real details on what happened. They have it set up very nicely and we both enjoyed looking at the displays that they had.

The front door of the building.

The open window is the window that Lee Harvey Oswald is supposed to have shot from .
After we had finished everything at the Sixth Floor Museum we crossed the street and took a look at Dealey Plaza.

This is one side of the plaza looking at the Texas Book Depository.

This is just a cool picture I got at the plaza.
So, we took our time and really enjoyed everything. It was a very educational experience. (That's part of what happens when you marry a guy who has his masters in history!)We decided to walk a little bit before going to dinner and we found a JFK memorial that was just a couple blocks from Dealey Plaza.

And then we saw a Missouri Kansas Texas Railway building. For most of the world they would probably just walk right on by that building, but the town I grew up in, Katy, Texas was name for the MKT railway. So, seeing something related to that was very cool.

So, we enjoyed learning a few things and then it was time for dinner.

I have a dear friend of mine from high school who lives in the Dallas area, so there was no way I would be going through the city and not trying to see her. I would have done whatever necessary to get together with her. I hadn't seen her in several years, but hanging out with her is always the easiest thing to do. So, I gave her a call and we were going to do dinner. Originally we were going to go to a Diners Drive Ins and Dives restaurant but when Mr. B and I got there I wasn't really to comfortable with the neighborhood so we decided to go somewhere else. We ended up at a Mexican Restaurant, La Margarita, and we had a grand ol' time. I was so happy to get to catch up with her, although, sadly I didn't get to see her fiance. Oh well, we'll see him in October when we go up there for their wedding! I just can't wait for that to happen!!

Ashley is a cool friend in that we always get along so well. We never lack for conversation. Ok, honestly we always find ourselves talking way longer than we have time for. This go around we shut the restraurant down and then couldn't hardly slow down long enough to leave the parking lot! Ashy and I have a quite a history. When we were in band in high school I was Barbie and she was Midge. My favorite color is pink, hers is green and we both love shoes. We are most well known for shoe shopping together. Whenever we would go to the mall and go through a shoe store we would be talking and looking at shoes. When we saw a pair we liked we would hold it up and show each other. 99% of the time we were holding up the same shoe. The only difference would be the color. Hers was always green and mine was always pink. It was kind of crazy to watch! I bet if we went shoe shopping today we would pick up right where we left off!!

Me and Ashy!!
So, we finally called it a night, and I look forward to seeing her wedding in October. She has the most amazing theme ever and I can't wait to see it!! it's going to be awesome!!

So, there's another day down. We've got plenty more to go, but that does us for now!!

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