Thursday, June 23, 2011

Wee Bit of Me Wednesdays

{one} what color best describes you + why?
Hot Pink. Because it's pink which is feminine and beautiful. But, it's also non-traditional because it's so bright and wonderful!

{two} how have you changed in the past year?
In general, I've become happier with who I am. In a particular instance, I've reached the point where I can hurt other people's feelings to do what's best for me. It took me a long time to get there. And it's a great place to be. (I've been a people pleaser my whole life and couldn't do that. It's awesome to be able to put myself first!)

{three} have you ever had any surgeries?
No. Never. No broken bone. No fractures. Nothing. Ok. Something. I did have my elbow dislocated when I was five or six.

{four} why did you start your blog?
Because I loved the idea. An online journal. And community. It's awesome! I love it! 

{five} what are you looking forward to this summer?
Enjoying all of the activities I can. I have been swimming, blueberry picking, baked a blueberry pie (from scratch) and been to a Zephyr's game. I look forward to more of the same!

{six} do you have any family traditions for the 4th of July?
Not really. I do get an Old Navy flag shirt each year. But that's it.

{seven} what’s something new that you’ve tried in the past few months?
Manual settings on my d3100. It's a whole new amazing world of photography that I'm in love with! I really enjoy taking pictures of anything I can!

{eight} what is the perfect a/c temperature?
I like about 73 or 74 during the day at home. It keeps it cool enough for me too enjoy and not be miserable hot. But, that's expensive. So I try to keep it closer to 76 or 77. At night though, we don't hold back. We set the ac on 68. It's perfect! 

{nine} what was the last movie you saw in the theater?
Something Borrowed. I really enjoyed it. Now my current goal is to read the books. 

{ten} what song do you think everyone should hear at least once?
Hum...that's hard.  I'm going to go with this one...but only because it's REALLY been speaking to me recently. Ask me again in a couple of months and it might be totally different. But, I think this one so encompasses God and his love for us in such a simple way, that it's perfect. It's definitely one that people should hear.

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