Thursday, June 23, 2011

Blueberry Picking

On Friday last week, I joined a couple of the Mom's from church and their kids and we took a trip to the Northshore. On the Northshore, they have several pick-your-own farms, and we went to Blue Harvest Farms to do some blueberry picking. I was there to just help keep an eye on kids, and for me, that always means take pictures too! (These are wonderfully well-behaved kids. It's very easy to do both!)

After we got there all of the kids were ready to get to blueberry picking, so we went and got our buckets. And we got to picking! It was a lot of fun! They told us only to pick the purple-est of berries and while we could eat some, not to eat too many! It was a great!

The gang arriving at the farm!

3 of the girls walking to the shed to get our buckets!
I just really like this picture!
Blueberries in various stages of ripeness.
Pick the purple ones - not the green or red ones! 
A Handful of Berries!

Now, here's a some pictures of us picking blueberries!

After we had picked several gallons of blueberries everyone was tired, hot and ready for lunch. So we packed it in and went to the covered area to eat lunch and the kids played in front of the fan with hula hoops. It was really fun to watch them enjoying themselves so much!

The Girlies posing with the hula hoop!

Hula hooping!
I LOVE the action on this picture!!
It was a lot of fun! I really enjoyed hanging out with everyone and playing with the kids. Oh, and I never complain about a chance to take pictures! Since this I've also made a blueberry pie with some of the blueberries! I'll be posting on that soon!

If you have a pick-your-own farm nearby, check it out! It's a lot of fun.
And here's a link to a site that lists a bunch of pick-your-own farms!
Go try it out for yourself!!

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