Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Ahh, It's Good to be Home!!

Really, the post title says it all.

Mr. B and I just took a trip to see some dear friends of ours, Steve, Amy and their adorable kids! It was too much fun and I'm exhausted! (Those kids have worn me out! I will be recouping for weeks!) Before we went I set up several posts. I spent very little time with my computer, so I have not replied to all of your wonderful comments yet. I will be working to do that this week. Please forgive the delay! Now, without futher ado, here is a quick recap of our trip!

We got to The M's about 2:30 AM. We quickly climbed in bed and slept. The next day was Carly-Bug's first birthday! We had a blast celebrating this beautiful little girl's first year with cake, playing and swimming! Here are a couple of pictures of the fun that was to be had!

The Birthday Girl!!!
Look at that sweet, cake covered face!!!

Her brother enjoying the pools set up outside!
What a relief these were to the heat!!
We spent one morning listening to the musical stylings from the men of the house.

The guys jamming away.

While we were there, we made sure to drop by a couple Triple D's and enjoyed both of them. The first we tried out was Dish. I had the chicken and dumplings, delish. But, the best meal at the table was by far the chicken fried steak Amy had. I surely wish I would have gotten that instead. Oh well...we still had a GREAT time!!
Mr. B & I in front of Dish.
If you are ever in Charlotte, this is a must!
Then we made sure to enjoy some time at the pool cooling ourselves off. It was great fun! There were waterslides, a game of keep away and 2 kids to keep us moving. I passed out quickly that night!
Carly-Bug chilling out in the Taco.
(What we named the contraption after we got the canopy to work!

Stephen playing with the football!
Notice the slide in background.

The butterfly that spent a good 5 minutes with us
as we were getting ready to leave!
Then, we made sure we had a nice couple's date! We tried out another Triple D. This time we went to Jake's Good Eats. It was pretty good. I got the egg salad sandwich. It was pretty darn delicious. We had a great time!
Mr. B & I at Jake's Good Eats.
And Good Eats it was!
Another must if you find yourself in Charlotte!

Steve and Amy enjoying our couples date!
In all of our trying Triple D's you would think all we did was try new places, but that's not the case. We made sure to go to a couple of old faithfuls. Amy and I enjoyed a fabulous trip to Carrabba's after getting pedicures. And we snuck in a couple of trips to Panera Bread. But, Mr. B and I made sure that we did not leave the area with out a trip to the one, the only:
Yeah, it was fabulous!
We did many other things on our trip, these are pretty much the hightlights. But, now that I've talked about all of the fabulous eating we did, I have to go find myself some lunch! Y'all have a great day, and again, you'll see my responses to your comments this week!


Holly said...

Looks like you had a great time!

Zara said...

you just made me hungry! :-)

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