Sunday, May 1, 2011

Things My Baby Needs

Ok, so I may have told y'all about my baby, Stella. She's a Nikon D3100. And she looks something like this:
Well, when I bought her, the salesman, Gil, who sold me on the Nikon D3100 over the Canon Rebel T1i, also sold me on this fabulous lens:

This is a Tamron 18-270mm F/3.5-6.3 VC lens. It was the greatest thing he sold me on. I took this baby on vacation and got pretty much every picture I wanted, no problem. I was impressed and I LOVE this lens. If you're looking for something wonderful to buy your camera, buy this baby. It's a lot less than the same Nikkor lens and just fabulous. (Of course, I'm just a hobbyist and I don't need professional quality pictures. This is MORE THAN ADEQUATE for what I do. It gets FABULOUS photos. A professional will probably want the Nikkor lens because the slight quality loss that does occur will matter more to them. But, for you and I, the introductory hobbyist, this is THE WAY to go. Don't hesitate, buy it.)

The only complaint I've had about this lens is it is slow to autofocus in low-light situations. Now, I had read online that that is not unusual, but I didn't do much research into why or anything. I just decided to go see Gil. (Gil is my new best friend, I swear. More on him later.) So, I walked in and told Gil my problem. And he introduced me to this baby:

This, y'all, is my new lens love. Now I need another $600 to get it but it is the next thing I'm going to buy for Stella. This is the Tamron 17-50mm F/2.8 VC lens. Gil let me try this baby out at the shop and here's what happened. I took the lens into a low-light situation. And I took a picture. And it didn't even flinch. Nope. Matter of fact, it made it look too easy. So Gil suggested I try it out in "stupid dark" so, being ever curious how this baby would react, I took him up on the offer. 

To say I was impressed with the ability of this lens is like saying the Grand Canyon is big. We went into the break room, turned out the lights but a little light was sneaking in from the door, just a little though. And then he stood in the bathroom, the lights out. I COULD NOT see him with my naked eye. This baby though, focused and took the picture before I could see what it was taking a picture of. Yeah. I would have walked out the door with it if I could, yep...$600. That's what I need. 

Now, here's the story about when Mr. B and I bought Stella.

I went first to the camera store most everyone I know has gone too, Lakeside Camera Photoworks. I came in and told them I was in the market for a dSLR. They introduced me to the Nikon D3100 and the Canon Rebel T1i. They told me a little about each of them, said touch, but didn't sell me on a camera. So, after talking to them awhile and going home to do a little research, I found myself stuck. Nothing made either camera a clear winner to me. I touched, they felt the same. I took a couple of pictures, the minor differences didn't make a difference to me. Nothing was selling me either camera.

So, I went in the next day and told the guy, sell me a camera. Don't tell me they're both good, I know that, sell me a camera. Tell me about the features, explain the camera to me, help me pick one. I hated the answer I got. "We'll tell you all about the camera once you buy one." Yeah, that didn't help this girl. So, I went home feeling very dejected and then made the decision that changed my life forever.

I decided to go to Bennett's Camera. If you live in NOLA and are looking for ANY help with camera choices GO TO BENNETT'S!!! Gil is one of their camera salesman, talk to him. Pick his brain. He can help you. But, I'll sing his praises more later.

I went up to Gil and told him, "I've been to Lakeside Camera." His response, "Oh, I'm sorry." I told him, "Me, too. Here's my story." And I told him all about what I was looking for and what they had suggested to me. And his response not 2 minutes in, "The Nikon." I was shocked. How did he already know what I want? But, I let him go on. And on he went. Y'all, an hour later he was still telling me why this camera and this lens were the things I wanted. I was impressed. For two days I couldn't make a decision. And in one hour, I was ready to purchase. No, I was EXCITED to purchase. Everything he showed me made me love this camera!

I came back the next day and bought it. I LOVE my camera. I've had it a whole month and I LOVE it. Gil was right, this camera and this lens were EXACTLY what I wanted.

Then, today I went back to tell Gil about my autofocus dilemma. And y'all, the man impressed me. He recognized us when we walked in. I figured that wasn't too hard, Mr. B is a pretty memorable person. So, I told him about the problem and he offered me my options culminating in, you probably should try this other Tamron lens. It would be perfect. Let's go try it out. He steps behind the counter and he remembers my camera. "You have the D3100 right?" Why yes, Gil, we do. (I still can't believe he remembers what camera I bought! It was just another sign to me I was right in picking Bennett's Camera for my camera purchase.) Well,  he went right into showing me the lens. He handed it to me, let me use, experience it. I appreciated it. I know how the lens acts in MY hands. How I use my camera. And when I said I was putting it on my wishlist as the next thing I was buying, he was cool with it.

Y'all he even told me that Tamron would run another rebate deal on the lens and just to buy it when they had a rebate on it.

So, this whole ridiculously long post is to tell you. If you're looking to buy your next camera, go to Bennett's Camera. Talk to Gil. He will treat you right. He will set you up with the perfect camera and he will make sure you walk out happy. That's what he wants, you to be happy. And he's honest with you the whole time. I LOVED my experience. Each time. And, I have to go back to pick up some prints on Monday and trust me, I will be picking his brain while I'm there about some other questions. And, he'll answer each one of them patiently. 

Oh, and just to let you know, I'm getting absolutely no payment of any kind for this review. I'm just a girl in love with her camera salesman.

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