Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Small Snapshots: Letters

I really enjoyed this photo challenge. And challenge is the best word to use for this one. We were supposed to go find letters in our everyday things and I had a hard time with it. I took my camera into the French Quarter to see what I could find. Below is what I found.

This is on the side of a planter by the river.
In this, I saw the letter "X".

This is part of a park bench.
From this angle I saw the letter "J"

This is the same park bench as above.
But, this time I saw the letter "E".

This is part of a support to a balcony.
I saw the letter "G".

So, those are the letters I found this week. They made for quite a great trip into the French Quarter and I had fun flexing my creative muscles. Thanks again to Carissa for hosting this!


Zara said...

How cool! These are great!

Carissa said...

It really was a hard challenge eh? I am definitely going to keep this an ongoing photography goal of mine! I LOVE your letters! How neat! And great eye! Thanks for posting!

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