Sunday, May 22, 2011

Home & Family

Today I was sitting here thinking that I wanted to share something with you sweet people but I was having a moment of writers block. So, I decided to find some inspiration via When I get writers block, I usually go looking at quotes. I eventually find a quote that interests me and that is usually what ends up the subject of my next post. And this is what you will be getting. First, the quote that inspired the post.

I've lived a lot of places in my 24 years. I don't hold a record on moving but let's just say that if we were comparing numbers, I'd probably win. I can name 15 or 16 places I've called home, and I think there's a few more. I usually round up to 20 because I know there are some places we've lived that I can't remember. 

Now, don't go feeling sorry for me. It's actually a pretty useful thing. One, I can move more efficiently than that mover you just paid to do the job. And, as a friend I will offer advice freely if asked. Two, I can pack things into a box like nobody's business. I can just see how things are going to fit. Three, I can date my entire life from Kindergarten on by where I'm living in the memory.

We moved every 2 years on average. We did live in the same house the entire time I was in high school. Matter of fact, we were in that house for 5 years. That's a record for me. Seriously. Since then, I've returned to my 2 year average. By moving so much, I have learned something.

I have learned what is meant by "home is where the heart is." When you move as much as I have you learn that while a place is a part of your memories, your memories are not a part of a place. They say "if these old walls could talk" and I think it's important to remember that they can't. But, the people you make the memories with can talk! They are the ones that you will one day be sitting around telling stories with and telling stories about.

So, I think that this quote becomes so true, home is so much about who you share it with. It's about where your heart is, and my heart is with people it's not with a for me, home is where ever Mr. B is. 

Even when we're traveling, I tell Mr. B "let's go home" when we're heading back to the hotel. Where him and I lay our head at night is where home is. I guess I might be strange in all of this but Mr. B is my family and where we are together is home. 

So, there you go. That's what you get out of me reading a few quotes! Have a great Sunday, hopefully you are spending it at home and I hope there is someone you love with you too! 

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