Saturday, May 14, 2011

Friday Fancies

AKA: You're lucky suicide wasn't committed from dealing with pain in the butt computer programs!

Today (really, really late) I'm linking up at {long distance loving} for my very first Friday Fancies... start off with...this post is coming so late because well, I couldn't get Picasa to play nice today. As if dealing with Blogger's difficulties wasn't enough...Picasa had to hate me too. Actually, now that I think about it...maybe Google as a whole is trying to ruin my day...oh's my Friday Fancies if anyone still cares!!!

1) Tie-Shoulder Dress from Old Navy. I LOVE dresses & skirts. They are a go to for me. So easy to look put together and always cute and feminine.

2) Old Navy Cropped Cardigan in Melon Fresca. I already have this in 2 other colors and I LOVE it. And it bundles into my purse nicely so I can carry it around easy like!

3) Flower Chain Ring...Ok, I adore this ring...and I don't really wear any rings but my wedding ring....but, in this case I might need to make an exception for this beauty from Nine West.

4) Nine West Pretty Petal Clutch...I always want to be the type of girl who carries a clutch...I never am, but I want to the mean time though, I'll imagine how wonderful it would make this outfit look.

5) Nine West Rose Sunnies...I am totally searching for a new pair of sunnies, mine have died...but I don't think the hubby would approve the $38 these cost! (Not for something I forget to wear half the time at least!) But, now that I think about it, sunnies this cute, you don't forget about!!

Ok...and I only forgot shoes for the collage...after dealing with all of the problems I just couldn't handle it...they were beautiful sandles from Ann Taylor that I could never afford, but completed this summer outfit perfectly! Oh well, maybe next week I'll have pulled myself together and I'll be able to participate in Friday Fancies to it's fullest potential. For now though, I'm going to go snuggle up with the hubby in bed because its WAY past my bed time!!

Oh, and another note...I had originally created a whole look from Ann Taylor (my most favorite place in the world to shop) but the computer wasn't working right, so I went to do my post where I shop best...Old Navy and Nine West. Next week...we're dreaming long as everything cooperates!!

Now, good night loves...hubby is still waiting on me!!

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{av} | {long distance loving} said...

I'm a little behind on commenting, but I'm so happy to see your first Friday’s Fancies post! I'm sorry the computer didn't cooperate originally, but it came together beautifully :) so happy to have you as a new Friday's Fancies faithful! yay! xoxo {av}

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