Monday, May 30, 2011

Road Trip in Review - Day 5, Part 1

Well, the time has come to return to our trip we took in April. Fact of the matter is, eventually I will get the trip entirely reviewed, if it kills me. I know I can do it! I know I can. So, I'm on to the next day. Hopefully at some point each day will stop taking 2 posts to cover all of the information...that will definitely speed things up...

So, on Day 5, we got up and we left our motel and we headed to Dublin, Texas. In Dublin is the oldest operating Dr Pepper bottling plant. you can go in, take a tour of the plant and see the museum they have on site. It's really cool and it only costs $2.50 a person. It's an awesome thing to spend the money on and to enjoy. It's really casual and it takes a couple of hours. They tell you all about the machinery and if you happen to show up on the first Wednesday of the month you might get to see the place in action.

This is a cool picture of the machinery.
This is the piece that adds the syrup and stuff to the bottles.
These are the bottles that are waiting to have their turn at being mixed.
This plant can only fill the old type of bottle.
The new bottles tend to break when going through the machinery.

This is a finished bottle of Dr Pepper coming down the line.
The next step is to checked that it is a good bottle of Dr Pepper.
The machinery is so old at this Dr Pepper bottling plant that it's not computerized. Because of that, each bottle of Dr Pepper has to be manually checked that it is a "good" bottle of Dr Pepper. They do that by placing each bottle into a light box and looking at it.

This is the light box.
The light box holds four bottles and they look at them. The one of the far left is not good, it's too light and doesn't have enough syrup. The one next to it is the only good bottle on the light box. It is the proper color and it is properly filled. The next one is properly mixed, but it's overfilled. The last bottle is too dark and has too much syrup.

The interesting part is that the workers who are checking the bottles of Dr Pepper are also encouraged to open different bottles of Dr Pepper and drink them. The only way that the plant can be sure that the bottles of Dr Pepper are properly mixed is by tasting them.

Alrighty, and here are a last few pictures to enjoy of Mr. B and I enjoying our visit.

This is an old Dr Pepper Bottling Co. advertisement.

This is Mr. B and I by a giant can of Dr Pepper.
This can can be opened up to be a giant Dr Pepper dispenser .

This is the sign to the Dr Pepper bottling plant.

We had a great time at the bottling plant. The tour was fun and the museum was neat to see the old equipment they use to make Dr Pepper. The Dublin bottling plant still serves the same 44 mile radius it served when it was originally opened. How cool is that?

Under Construction

Um...yeah, forgive all of the crazy stuff going on...I'm trying to get my layout all updated, but I'm having to read how to after how to so that I can update the code. Until it's done, it's going to look kind of bad. But, if I can do it...I will have saved lots of money!!! (AKA, my own scrapbook blog page designed by yours truly!) Have a great Memorial Day!!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Friday Fancies: Coral Me Happy & Happy Hour!

I'm linking up at {long distance loving} today for Friday Fancies. Below's just a little bit about my outfit! (Which was totally written before this little blurb because I forgot this little, I didn't edit it, but it seems kind of weird if you don't know all of that first...anyways. Enjoy.)

Ahh, I made a casual outfit that just screams day trip to me. It makes me want to grab Mr. B and go take a day trip to...anywhere. I'd be so comfortable for the car ride but would look super cute walking around just about anywhere! It would entirely make for a pleasant trip!

Also, I have to tell you, as much as I love, I have found a website I like more, I made that collage above in about 2 seconds and it sites everything for me! It's main focus is fashion, but I absolutely love it!! There's some way to do interior design stuff too, but I haven't used it in that capacity yet.

I'm also linking up with Joelle at Love is Home for Happy Hour today!I've missed this link-up the past couple of weeks and I am so glad to have it back!! I'm looking to enjoy a big old glass of water!! This weekend is going to be fabulous and I just can't wait!!! We've got a birthday party to go to and hang out with some good friends of ours!! And PLENTY of pictures to be taken! They haven't experienced me with my new camera yet!

Also, since I wasn't quite on the ball yesterday, I have to tell you, my little sister had a birthday!! I can't believe how much time has changed our relationship. As kids we fought incessantly. It was so bad that we weren't allowed to take trips together for church. We just didn't get along well. But now, things have improved so much...we can talk nicely to each other and I might dare say it, we enjoy hanging out with each other!

Well, I have much to do today! The car needs an oil change (which might include a Coca-Cola. 5 Minute Oil Change gives you those for free while you're waiting.) and a car wash! It's been so long since Le Fleur has been Pampered, she might just hate me!! Y'all have a great weekend!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wee Bit of Me Wednesdays

what’s the worst date you’ve ever been on?
Um...the time my boyfriend in the ninth grade refused to purchase me a snoball. At the homecoming tailgate party. In the Texas heat. It only cost a $1. Yeah, I wasn't too happy about that.  But, other than that, I don't really have anything to put here. The only guy I actually ever went on a date with was the hubby. Yeah, I'm one of those girls.

if you could be any other person for one day, who would it be?
I don't know. I really like being me. I might like to be me with a tad bit more money, but I really just want to be me. Is this really corny?

what is your favorite kind of cheese?
Oh, I love cheese. My most favorite kind is by far the sharpest cheddar I can get my hands on. I once had a black wax cheese in Amish country and that was fabulous. It was sharper than extra sharp cheddar. It was cheese love for me!

do you remember your 1st grade teacher?
Yep. She was Mrs. Coleman. I believe she was the only teacher my dad ever really scared. When I was in the first grade, my dad worked for a gas turbine company as a mechanic. He was a pretty well built guy, that type of built that only comes from working in a blue collar job. And, to add to it all, his temper hadn't mellowed out yet at all. Well, I'm a lefty. And she was always trying to shift things so I would write with my right hand instead. My dad wasn't pleased. He and my mom sent a nice note saying to let me write how I wanted to. Well, she tried it again and then he showed up at the school. Let's just suffice it to say that after that, I was allowed to write however I wanted.

{five} who is the first person you call when you have a bad day?
The Mister. He's wonderful and listens to me and helps me feel better. If I need to talk to another girl, I call Robin or Jennifer. They're great to talk to as well!

were you ever in a school talent show?
Nope. I did everyone a great benefit in that.

who is your favorite fictional character?
Katie Scarlett O'Hara Hamilton Kennedy Butler

can you open your eyes underwater?
Yes, and I will. But, I hate having water in my eyes in any other situation. I stick my head out of the shower at least twice during my shower each day to wipe the water off of my face.

do you look at the keyboard when you type?
Nope. I don't even look to set my fingers down most of the time.

when was the last time you took a nap?
I'm not sure. I'm not a big napper.

Small Snapshots: Letters

I really enjoyed this photo challenge. And challenge is the best word to use for this one. We were supposed to go find letters in our everyday things and I had a hard time with it. I took my camera into the French Quarter to see what I could find. Below is what I found.

This is on the side of a planter by the river.
In this, I saw the letter "X".

This is part of a park bench.
From this angle I saw the letter "J"

This is the same park bench as above.
But, this time I saw the letter "E".

This is part of a support to a balcony.
I saw the letter "G".

So, those are the letters I found this week. They made for quite a great trip into the French Quarter and I had fun flexing my creative muscles. Thanks again to Carissa for hosting this!


So, I'm linking up a little late to What I'm Loving Wednesday. This one is planned to be short, sweet with minimal commentary. Actually. No commentary because if I add commentary, there won't be time for this post.

I'm going to lose weight this year. Definitely.

The Complete Series of Gilmore Girls.
Totally the best. And, borrowed from a friend.

My cute adorable niece!

Always, the Hubby.
Love. Him.

*Once I got home I put a couple quick captions in, but otherwise, no commentary will be used.*

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Home & Family

Today I was sitting here thinking that I wanted to share something with you sweet people but I was having a moment of writers block. So, I decided to find some inspiration via When I get writers block, I usually go looking at quotes. I eventually find a quote that interests me and that is usually what ends up the subject of my next post. And this is what you will be getting. First, the quote that inspired the post.

I've lived a lot of places in my 24 years. I don't hold a record on moving but let's just say that if we were comparing numbers, I'd probably win. I can name 15 or 16 places I've called home, and I think there's a few more. I usually round up to 20 because I know there are some places we've lived that I can't remember. 

Now, don't go feeling sorry for me. It's actually a pretty useful thing. One, I can move more efficiently than that mover you just paid to do the job. And, as a friend I will offer advice freely if asked. Two, I can pack things into a box like nobody's business. I can just see how things are going to fit. Three, I can date my entire life from Kindergarten on by where I'm living in the memory.

We moved every 2 years on average. We did live in the same house the entire time I was in high school. Matter of fact, we were in that house for 5 years. That's a record for me. Seriously. Since then, I've returned to my 2 year average. By moving so much, I have learned something.

I have learned what is meant by "home is where the heart is." When you move as much as I have you learn that while a place is a part of your memories, your memories are not a part of a place. They say "if these old walls could talk" and I think it's important to remember that they can't. But, the people you make the memories with can talk! They are the ones that you will one day be sitting around telling stories with and telling stories about.

So, I think that this quote becomes so true, home is so much about who you share it with. It's about where your heart is, and my heart is with people it's not with a for me, home is where ever Mr. B is. 

Even when we're traveling, I tell Mr. B "let's go home" when we're heading back to the hotel. Where him and I lay our head at night is where home is. I guess I might be strange in all of this but Mr. B is my family and where we are together is home. 

So, there you go. That's what you get out of me reading a few quotes! Have a great Sunday, hopefully you are spending it at home and I hope there is someone you love with you too! 

Friday, May 20, 2011

Friday Fancies

Today I'm linking up again at {long distance loving} for Friday Fancies. Today she offered us a theme (yay!) of Winetasting. I figured if I was going to be winetasting, I was going to be in either Napa Valley or somewhere in France. And, so I wanted to dress accordingly. I'm thrilled with what I came up with. Maybe I could get the mister to let me buy it? Ok...I like to dream big...but anyways, here's what I'm wearing.

1) This is a FABULOUS dress I found at White House|Black Market. Isn't it just DIVINE!! I feel fabulous just looking at it! I can't wait to wear it while sipping a delicious glass of wine.

2) I LOVE Manolo Blahnik shoes. I hope one day to own just one pair. These nude Mary Jane's would be PERFECT. They would make the perfect statement with this outfit. It says oh, I'm so chic but it says it so subtlely. 

3) Gucci Sunnies. These have a modern cateye to them and I just ADORE them. I would feel like telling everyone "Yes, I'm so cool I wear cateye sunnies." Yes, they just keep the chic-ness going. Love. Need.

4) Gemma Aumlet necklace from Mignon Faget. Being from NOLA, I have to love this local jewelry designer and this piece is no exception. It's just funky enough to be a statement piece but not so funky to transition between outfits well. This piece is just light enough to not overwhelm the outfit but has enough volume to really  enhance the outfit!

5) Kelly Moore Classic bag in Cranberry Croc. She does designer camera bags that fit your dSLR camera, a couple spare lenses and yet, you can still carry your other purse essentials. And this adds just the right amount of pop to the outfit but isn't too much. Simplicity is the name of the game with my outfit today but this adds some interest. LOVE.

6) Finally, I just had to finish this outfit off with a hat. Again, so chic. I absolutely love it. It would be perfect.

So, there you go. There's my wine tasting outfit. It makes me want to go shopping and hit the road. One of the two Mr. B would totally go for (hitting the road.) the other he might try to convince me that we should pay the bills instead...So, I guess I'll just go take a nap so I can dream about this outfit...

Y'all have a great weekend!! 

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Black Water

Just because who doesn't like their blog post to have the optional soundtrack to go with. Please feel free to enjoy some Doobie  Brothers "Black Water" while reading this post about the Mississippi River...

As pretty much everyone in the United States of America knows, the Mississippi River (along with several others) have been making quite a riot the past couple of weeks flooding some areas and threatening to flood other areas. We in New Orleans have been quite lucky and we do not take our blessings for granted. While we have been spared, we know that due to the opening of the Morganza Spillway and the Bonnet Carre Spillway that others are experiencing a hard situation in the Morgan City area as well as others. Our thoughts and prayers are with them.

But, in every tragedy, there is always some interest in the very thing causing the tragedy. Around here, everyone is stepping out to take a look at the Mighty Mississippi River that's in our backyard. We're so use to the river that sometimes you really kind of forget how mighty it can be. For now, everyone is taking the time to really soak up the powerful river that we see often.

On Sunday, Mr. B and I went down to Rivertown in Kenner so that we could take a peek at the river. The river has been cresting in our area and seeing it this high is a little strange.There were so many people out there it was a little bewildering. For one, we had a hard time finding somewhere to park!! Mr. B and I got married in Rivertown pretty much at the base of the Levee, so we've spent a little bit of time in that area. Outside of the day we got married, I've never seen it so busy there! Below are a few pictures that I got of the river and those who were also viewing the river! Enjoy!

A log that was caught in a bunch of debris...

There is a pier-like thing that goes out into the river.
You're not allowed to walk out on to it so I don't know what purpose it serves.
But, currently it is catching quite a bit of debris.

The debris that has been caught by the pier-like structure.

A couple of kids sitting on a log looking at the river and the debris.

People looking at the river from the top of the levee.

The river gauge underneath the pier-like structure.
So, for all of you who can't make it out to the Mississippi River because it's too far away, you can see the river like a New Orleans local is seeing it.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wee Bit of Me Wednesdays

Yeah, since I had nothing else I could  possibly be doing right now, I decided to do a Wee Bit of Me Wednesday link up here. Enjoy.
do you watch the history channel? if so, what’s your favorite program?
There was a point in my life I would have answered this question with "daily." Now, no, I don't really watch it. If I happen to put it on, I'm probably watching Ice Road Truckers or Pawn Stars. But even those are usually via netflix instant queue.

what is your favorite thing to do on a rainy day?
Hum...Curl up on the couch with my laptop and blog. But, I'm not sure that's really any different than any other day. I might also watch TV or a movie. But, that's just like any other day too.

what does your dream house look like?
My dream house is a 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath, 2 car garage ranch with a wrap around porch. On the porch is a swing and rocking chairs. There's a large yard and a kid's swing set. It has a red door.  There's a flower garden in front of the porch and a vegetable garden in the back yard. There's always a seasonal wreath on the door and a Christmas a large tree in at least one window. (Ok...not that I've ever really thought about this at all...)

what state were you born in?
"Hellbent, 100% Texan til I die."
~Kevin Fowler

 do you have a change jar? if so, what do you use it for when it gets full?
Generally, our change jar goes to the City of New Orleans via the parking meters. Mr. B works downtown and you have to pay for parking...or walk 20 minutes in NOLA heat and humidity. It's a true no win situation. Unless you're the city, then it's win-win-win. (That third win is when they issue a minimum $20 parking ticket. Yeah, those suck...not that we would know or anything.)

what’s the first website you look at when you get on the computer?
Blogger, Facebook, Twitter. I've set them all to come up first thing when I open up Chrome.

what is your favorite breakfast?
Owen's Breakfast Burritos. Mr. B & I have an unhealthy relationship with these. We don't even waste time buying them at Wal-Mart. Owen's Breakfast Burritos alone justify our Sam's membership.

what’s the most memorable trip you’ve ever taken?
Hum.  This is hard. I've taken many a good trips in my 24 years. So, I'll pick two. The most memorable one with Mr. B is probably the one we took in April. We drove from NOLA, to Houston, to San Antonio, to Austin, to Dallas, to Oklahoma City, to Tulsa, to St. Louis and back to NOLA. It was what we had dreamed of doing since before we got married. It was WONDERFUL!

The other trip I pick is one I took in 1996 with my Grandparents. They took us on a month long vacation from Texas traveling west, up the Pacific coast into Canada and back to Houston via Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, etc.  This trip stands out for the fact this is the trip we visited Yellowstone. I had been looking forward to seeing Old Faithful erupt and we just barely missed seeing it. Matter of fact, we saw it over the trees from the parking lot. Despite 3 weeks on the road, traveling some 2,000 miles at that point and another 1,000 or so to go, my Grandfather refused to wait until it erupted again. Yeah, I wasn't a happy camper about it. I still remember that part of the trip vividly.

I guess I also want to add the trip I took to Colorado for a friends wedding. I went by myself and had a whole vacation where I was the only one who's opinion mattered. Seriously. I slept until I wanted to get up. I saw the things I wanted to see and spent exactly as much time there as I wanted. I took detours when I wanted. I ate when I wanted, where I wanted. I went to Garden of the Gods daily for dinner which always included Fazoli's breadsticks. I loved watching a dear friend get married. I planned the whole thing. I picked where I stayed, I rented a car. I flew. I read books and didn't have to talk to someone. I loved the solitude. It was me, the trip, my thoughts, and God. It was awesome.

And that was probably way more info than you wanted to know...

do you prefer your coffee black or with cream/milk/sugar?
I tell people I like my coffee as white and as sweet as I am. People always put enough milk/cream in but, the sugar amount varies. Usually though, they don't think I'm as sweet as I do!! Traditionally I fill a cup 2/3 the way full with coffee. Then I fill the remaining amount half way with creamer and the rest of the way with sugar. Yeah, my coffee is like 9 WWPP.  I don't drink much coffee anymore.

have you ever done a professional photo shoot?
Yes. I had my high school photos professionally done. Mr. B & I also did a professional shoot for engagement photos in 2007 or 2008. I don't remember. But the photos I love the most were our engagement photos with did with our wedding photographer who is not a professional. I LOVE those photos. He did the best job getting photos of us being us. I treasure those.


I'm linking up here today!

Ah, today is Wednesday! Thank you Blogger for helping me keep up with what day of the week it is! I swear, since I've started working from home I can quickly lose track of what day of the week it is! Ugh! But, this is one post that helps pull me back on track! So, today, here's some of what I'm loving!

~( one )~
I'm loving the surprise the Mister brought me yesterday! The flowers are beautiful and there were so many I was able to put them in 3 different vases! One is in the living room, one is in our bedroom and one is in our kitchen. They are wonderful and I'm enjoying them tremendously. I'm also enjoying the DVD of Red he got me! I LOVE the movie and I've been wanting the, it's awesome that he got it for me! He's just awesome!

~( two )~
I'm enjoying that my outlets have been replaced in the kitchen to the updated white and that the walls are all painted! The room just feels wonderful now! I'm so happy with it and can't wait to finish painting the living room! That's going to take some work though!

~( three )~
I'm loving my new dining room table. We decided that I would use our old one for my desk now that I work from home and that we would get a new dining room table. And we just got it today! I'm lovin' it! We need to get chairs to go with it, but that's going to be a work in progress. For now, we'll continue using our folding chairs!

~( four )~
I'm loving my fridge with all of my magnets and pictures, invitations and the like. I love that each time I open the fridge I get to see all of the faces that I love! I told Mr. B today that I don't look forward to when the fridge is covered and I have to replace the photos. But, I'll do what I have to! I just so enjoy my fridge!

~( five )~
Stuffed Sno-Balls. Seriously, these are the best thing ever. I don't think I'll eat another Sno-Ball without it being was love at first bite. The one below is blackberry and it was DELICIOUS. Seriously, you must try this!

~( six )~
And it goes without saying, but it will be said anyways, I'm loving this man! (By the way, this weekend we our six monthaversary!)

~( finally )~
I have finished painting our kitchen for the immediate future. One of the next projects on my "to do" list is to paint the cabinets. When that time comes, I will be painting the cabinets white. Now, I'm needing your help, what color should I paint the area above the cabinets? Should I paint them white to match the cabinets when they are repainted? Or, should I paint them yellow to match the walls? Take a look at the pictures below. The area up for discussion is area that is wallpapered above the cabinets. (I can't wait to get rid of the ugly wallpaper!) Below the pictures is a poll, go ahead and place your vote there. And feel free to leave any further thoughts you might have in the comments. I really want to know what you have to say!'s the poll!

 More online polls on 

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