Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Is it really Wednesday? I can't believe it! So, I'm linking up!! Here's what I'm lovin'!!!

~( one )~
Working from Home! It's awesome!
I love that my living room is my office!
(Well, sorta...)

~( two )~
Spending time with my Dad! He's in town for work and it's awesome to be spending time with him!
Yep. You can see where I get it from...

...whatever "it" is!
~( three )~
Using my new camera as much as I can!
This cool picture I got...and the camera that took it!
~( four )~
The Hubby!!
I LOVE Him!!

I hope everyone's week finishes up wonderfully! I'm going to enjoy the evening with the hubby & my dad!!

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