Monday, April 11, 2011

It's Good To Be Back!

*Apparently I was so excited to post this blog post this morning I forgot to give it a title! Go figure! So, "Sorry it has been so long since you've seen a blog" is the title that Blogger automatically gave this untitled blog post...yeah, so there you go...*

Sorry it has been so long since you’ve seen a blog post from me! Mr. B and I have spent the last 10 days on the road and while I love this little blog, it just doesn’t meld with my vacation plans very well at all! That being said, we’re now home and I’m ready to blog again, because, let’s face it, newlywed road trips make for some GREAT pictures and some GREAT reading. So, settle yourself in, and enjoy this first post about our little road trip!

Mr. B and I love traveling. Matter of fact, it’s one of our most favorite things to do together. There’s nothing quite like hitting the road to really enjoy each other’s company. Seriously, the majority of the past 10 days has just been Mr. B and I. We saw some family, but other than that, no phone calls, no emails, no text messages. It’s just been the two of us. And it’s been WONDERFUL. It’s been great just to listen to the radio, visit sites, take pictures and enjoy each other. And enjoy we did. We took turns “dj-ing “ the road and we didn’t take turns driving. We had a great time, at too much fast food, and enjoyed staying in a hotel. And now, we’re home…it’s bittersweet. Mr. B and I just don’t suffer from Homesickness. Not after 10 days at least…so, yes it’s nice to be home and all, but we really could have spent another week on the road…and we would have if we could have. And since we couldn’t we’ll relive a few memories through this here blog…it’s going to be great!

Lucky for me, my old job didn’t torture us with a whole day at the mine on our last day. YAY! So, after I closed up shop, wiped my hands of that old job and got home, I packed and Mr. B and I hit the road. And we looked something like this:
Mr. B driving on our way out of town!
In the background is the Bonnet Carre Spillway.
Yep, this is us headed west!
This is me after we entered Texas!
We're in the Texas Rest Stop just inside the state line!

Since Stella (my new camera :D ) was (and still is) the coolest thing East of the Mississippi (and for a short while West of the Mississippi) I had a blast taking some more pictures with her. Here are a few of the cool sites we saw on our way to Houston.
Lake Ponchatrain @ the Bonnet Carre Spillway!

The Mississippi River Bridge @ Baton Rouge
AKA: Stella's first trip to the West Bank!

Crossing the Atchafalaya Basin Bridge!

Mr. B and I usually travel between home and Houston after work on Friday and that usually entails us taking the trip at night. (After 6 PM) so it is rare that we see the Atchafalaya Basin during the day. It’s actually pretty if you see it during the day. It was a nice change of pace for our little road trip.

Here’s a story to go with the Atchafalaya Basin/Basin Bridge. If you easily take other people’s fears for your own, you may want to stop reading here. Just pick up reading at the next picture.

I have a few irrational fears in life. None of them affect my ability to live life because I don’t let them, but this one easily could. My fear is when traveling on the Basin Bridge (picture above) the guardrails are a little low, for my taste. See, they don’t even come up halfway on our car. Not cool. What good are they? I picture us one day getting in an accident and getting flipped over the edge of the bridge and into the Swamp. And then what? I’m now stuck in the swamp with alligators and snakes and no way out. And, if it’s deep, I’m literally trying to tread water and find a place to get out of the water. All the while, not wanting to go too far in case someone saw me fall over. But, not wanting to drown. And at night, I’m much more concerned than during the day. At least during the day I could see what might be coming to eat me. And I could see to find a place to escape the water some. But, at night. At night is when my fear becomes more pronounced because then I can’t see anything and those animals looking to feast on me could find me. Yeah. A little irrational, but a fear none the less…I can remind myself I’ve never heard a story of someone flipping over the edge of the Basin Bridge, but sometimes I may or may not allow myself to contemplate how to survive a crash into the Atchafalaya swamp. (Step One – put all of those years of climbing trees to good use. Start climbing!)

Anyways…moving on…

Stella enters Texas for the First Time!!!
Being a Texas girl, I’m very excited that Stella’s first state away from home was to visit her grandparents in Texas!

When we reached Texas and it was still daylight we were very excited! We had two things on our Houston Agenda for the night.

The first thing we needed to do was return some things to Ikea. We had purchased parts to a desk back in January, but we decided to do something different and we needed to return the parts that we had. And Sunday, April 3, 2011 was our last day to make that return. So, we decided that hell or high water, the desk would be returned on this trip. We were expecting to have to make the return on Saturday morning before we left town. Ikea didn’t open until 10AM and I wanted to head to my parents a little bit earlier than that. So, when we got to Houston and found that we were able to make our return on Friday night we were excited! We were hoping to be able to make our return on Friday but we weren’t getting our hopes up so I was thrilled when we were able to do it! This trip was starting out well!

Then, we had dinner planned with one of Mr. B’s business associates. So we went to Escalante’s and settled in to some good Mexican food. Being a Texas girl, I’m pretty picky about Mexican food. Usually I’ll turn down suggestions of Mexican food restaurants if I’m not in Texas. Please, never take this personally. I’ve eaten a lot of Mexican food in my 24 years and I have no desire to eat bad Mexican food. I’ll try somewhere if another Texan says it’s good. I know they are looking for similar things I am looking for and I’ll try it. But, it still perturbs me if someone from Texas suggests bad Mexican food. So…rant over.

Where did I leave off? Right. Escalante’s.

So, we met Melanie & Gil at Escalante’s. We enjoyed their company tremendously and we enjoyed our food. Usually we probably would have just stayed with them (we have several times) but they were headed to Dallas the next day to see her dad. So, we went on to my Grandparents house for the night and settled in there for the evening.

This trip to stay at my grandparents for the weekend was a little strange. For the first time ever I stayed at their house and they weren’t there. I’ve stayed at their house several thousand times and that’s probably not an exaggeration. I stayed there every weekend until I was in high school. And even then I was there most every weekend still. And we would spend a week or more over there at a time over the summers, so needless to say, I’m comfortable there. It was my home away from home growing up. But, it was strange staying there and they weren’t there. I just didn’t know quite what to make of it. And still don’t for that matter. It was weird not walking in and seeing them and talking to them. We usually spend some time with them when we are there. Now, we saw them the next day, as they were already in San Antonio for my dad’s birthday but I still missed having them at their house when I was there.

But we settled in for the night anyways. Tomorrow we were heading for San Antonio and were looking forward to seeing my family! But, you’ll hear all about that in the next post!

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