Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Road Trip in Review - Day 4, Part 1

So, Day 4 saw Mr. B and I to Austin to start the day. (And there is much to Day 4. I'm seeing several posts, at least 3.) And stop one was the University of Texas.

Now, here's where you need some back ground on the B's. First - I was raised anti-Longhorns. I come from one of those family's where your like of things is determined by political beliefs and the like. So, since the University of Texas is known for being so liberal, I was raised to be anti-Longhorns. But, what's interesting about that is my Grandmother's family were Longhorns fans. Matter of fact, I have at least one cousin who graduated from UT (and University of Tennessee, you can't have "UT" you have the WRONG orange.) So, I wasn't really an Aggie but I definitely wasn't a Longhorn. So, that's part one. Part two is Mr. B LOVES college campuses and stadiums. When traveling we stop at as many universities as we can, see their stadium and go to their campus bookstore so that we can get a pint glass. And, about the pint glass since it came up, Mr. B collects Pint Glasses. They're functional, and we can store them pretty easy so that we can have bunches of them. And when it comes to college glasses, there are a couple of things to know. Price matters, we don't spend a lot of money on the glass. If the only glass they have that we want to spend the money on is an alumni glass, we have no shame. We are alumni from schools we never went to. So, that's a bit about the B's. Now we'll get on to what you really care about...pictures. And more trip stories.

Mr. B with one corner of the stadium.

One side of the stadium.
"Texas Our Texas"
I <3 Texas!

Mr. B with the Scoreboard and stands in the background.

Darrell K. Royal Texas Memorial Stadium
Been there, done that, got the pint glass.

A dejected Mr. B at the gate to Darrell K. Royal Texas Memorial Stadium.
We are not beyond sneaking into stadiums and taking pictures.
University of Texas is not beyond locking you out of the stadium.

So, we saw the stadium, and we walked around the campus. We were also visiting the LBJ Library & Museum so, we walked there. And saw many cool things.

Like this banner for Texas Exes.
Which I think is totally the coolest thing to call the alumni association.
Oh, and it got the song "All My Exes Live in Texas" stuck in my head.
*Shakes Fist* Damn you, song! Damn you! *Shakes Fist*

I never thought I'd shop here. Ever.
See previous, really long paragraph for more info.

This is on the bus stop shelters on the campus.
I think it's totally an awesome way to incorporate their logo.

More of the logo in the wall of a building.

And just because I liked this picture of a squirrel.
Mom, if you're reading this, yes I took pictures of the exotic wildlife.
I promise to shut my mouth about you doing...
...ok...why I am I lying to either of us about it...I'll bug you about it in just a couple weeks!
So, we walked the campus. Saw what there was to see and made our way to the LBJ Library & Museum. I'll tell you all about that in my next post!

Oh, and one final story, just because it fits in this post because of the comment on University of Tennessee having the wrong shade of orange. 

Back about a year, year and a half ago, Mr. B and I were doing some shopping to acquire new polos for Mr. B. Now, that alone is really blog worthy. Mr. B just doesn't spend much time updating his wardrobe, but he was motivated and we were doing it. So, we're at JC Penney and we're looking at all of the shirts and we're trying to pick which shade of orange polo to purchase. And, like any good wife-to-be (we weren't married yet) I was trying to help Mr. B in a way a man can understand. We were looking at the shirts and I tell him I don't really like the UT orange, and he comments that he prefers the Tennessee orange. Which I reply is a good choice. That or the Auburn orange. (See ladies, men can understand the nuances of colors. You just have to talk in a language they understand.) As we're holding this discussion, another guy's looking at shirts. We've paused a moment and he looks at Mr. B and tells him, "Now that's a good woman you've got there." Yeah. I'm pretty proud of that moment.

Oh, and also, just because I feel it should be said. Mr. B can see shades of colors. Seriously. He gets that chartreuse exists. BUT, he doesn't understand the need for them. But he has agreed to accept that I really have a justification for owning 17 shades of pink tees. Even if he doesn't understand. And that is why I love him. He is just that wonderful!

Yeah, now this post is done. LBJ Library & Museum coming up!


Heather said...

So I am a HUGE Texas fan. But I'm also a conservative. I tried to go to college there, but my parents wouldn't let me (for the liberal reasons). So I married into a family of Longhorns. We're out there every weekend during football season.

I just love the atmosphere and how friendly everyone is.

And I love the story about shopping with your hubby! How funny!

Orange B. said...

And in the picture of me and the scoreboard, you can really see the difference between the Auburn orange that I'm wearing compared to the Texas orange I'm standing "next" to...

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