Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Road Trip in Review - Day 3, Part 2

On Day 3, after everyone else who was leaving left to go back home, Mr. B, my mom & dad, sister & I, were left with some time on our hands. So, I suggested we head to the Wildseed Farm in Fredericksburg to enjoy a little bit of the nice weather and the beautiful flowers! We made the drive, the boys in one car, us girls in the other and set out for a good ol' time.

We saw beautiful flowers like these:
Red Spread Lantana
One of My Favorite Flowers!

Texas Bluebonnets!
My most Favorite Flower!!!
When they bloom in the spring it's like God planted them just for me!

The Aggie Bonnet.
Or, a maroon bluebonnet.

Betty Boop Rose.
Yep. My New Flower Love.
Yeah, totally because I'm Betty.
And love Betty Boop.

I don't know what flowers these are, but I really like the picture.

Yeah, I love this picture...one of my favorites!
The cabbage, the water, the flowers. Yep...wonderful!

I just like this picture too!

And I like this one too!

Yep, more picture coolness...

Ooo...pretty butterfly, pretty flower!

And, more picture love!
And these are the people I spent the day with:
L to R: Mr. B, My Momma, My Daddy, My Sister-Bear!
Yeah, and sadly the photo is overexposed...I'm working on learning the new camera.
And, we enjoyed DELICIOUS Peach Ice Cream....YUMMY!

My Sister-Bear enjoying her Ice Cream.
My Dad's in the background, long finished with his.
Mr. B & My Ice Cream, yeah they're kissing!

 And, because I know you're all interested, here's me & Mr B at the Wildseed Farm!

Mr. B & I relaxing after our Ice Cream!

Mr. B & I enjoying the bluebonnets!
After we finished up at the Wildseed Farm, we all drove home. When we got home we ate leftovers from Magic Time Machine and watched Man On Fire. We really enjoyed our time with my parents and just hanging out on a Sunday afternoon! I really enjoyed it. After the evening was over, we headed over to my aunt and uncle's house because we were staying the night with them. We enjoyed a little bit of conversation with my aunt and cousins and then it was off to bed for the night. We had a very exciting Day 4 ahead of us and needed to get on the road! But, more about that in another post!

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sugarmouse said...

such prettypretty photos!!!

and now i feel like having ice-cream. lol! thanks for the temptation :P

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