Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Road Trip in Review - Day 3, Part 1

Ok...I love taking pictures - a lot. So, Day 3 of our trip is going to be in 2 parts too. I want to post all of my pics, but I don't want to overload a single post too much...hope you don't mind. If not, deal - it's my blog!

So, day 3 started with going to church. My Uncle Kerry is a pastor and we went to his church. It's always great to go to church with the family! After that we headed to lunch at Little Gretel and we had a great time. It was a really pretty day and we sat outside and enjoyed the beautiful weather! And it was WONDERFUL! NOLA doesn't have many days or places to eat outside and I enjoyed the chance we got to eat outside. And the natural light allowed some really pretty pictures.

Sarah, my sister & Garrett, her boyfriend.
Note about Garrett: He's from Minnesota. He hates me, I'm a Saints fan.
Yeah, I like him though. Gotta love some who hate's you because you're a Saints fan.
I hope he watched this past season and was able to let the past go. :D
But, I like him...I have to, my sister does!
Oh, and one other note. My sister is 5'9'' or 5'10''. Garrett's 6'6''. He's tall.
Especially if I say so, Mr. B is like 6'3''...yeah...

Mr. B & Kerri, my cousin.

Larrilyn, my cousin.
I LOVE the depth of field on this photo...ok...I just love this photo...

I really enjoyed Little Gretel. The food was delicious and offered a chance to eat healthy. They offered salads and half sandwich options. It was wonderful.

The Monte Cristo.
It was awesome. And it was grilled, not fried!!
SO much better than the Bennigan's version I liked so much!

A cool picture...more fun depth of field stuff going on!

After spending the weekend together as a whole family, I made us all get together and have a family picture. We drove out to my Aunt & Uncle's to get the picture, but they left to take my uncle to the airport before we could get there. We still took it without them, but wish they could have been in it!

Here we all are! I LOVED seeing these people!

Funny faces!
After we took 2 pictures (which most of the fam didn't appreciate!)
they insisted on a third! I KNEW something was up.
But, I set the timer and climbed back into the picture.
Above is what we got...funny faces!
After this my Aunt Sabrina and Uncle Scotty took off for home. It was sad to see them leave, but it was great seeing them. The last time I saw them was at our wedding. And I didn't really get to see them then! (Y'all know how weddings go!) And it had been even longer since seeing my cousin Victoria. Yep, this was a great weekend and we had a great time! Now, it was time for us to spend some time with just my parents and sister...more about that in the next post! 

(I'm really starting to hope y'all do leave me with all of this talk of vacations! :D)

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