Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Road Trip in Review - Day 2, Part 2

Well, here's the second part to the Day 2 post. What I'm not picturing here is everyone just hanging out at the house and spending time together. It was more family fun and my cousins even enjoyed the chance to play with my new camera.

After we all had a chance to let our food settle, it was time to head out for a snocone. (For all of my NOLA followers, that's what they call a snoball in other parts of the country...I still think snoball sounds ridiculous. But, that's not the point.) It's a requirement when were in San Antonio to visit my parents that we also visit the snocone stand. Ms. Sandy is our snocone lady and she's wonderful. Matter of fact, she even sent Mr. B and I a wedding present when we got married. That's how you know you're close to your snocone lady. So, we have to go have a snocone when we're in town.

Ms. Sandy and her snocone producing machine.
She's an ARTIST! She makes THE BEST snocones.

Part of her SnoCone magic supplies...
Her SnoCone making machine...mmm...
This machine makes THE BEST ice!

My SnoCone.
It's Wedding Cake flavored.
My Usual. Mmm...I want one RIGHT NOW!

My Dad (and Mr. B in the Background!)
Ok...maybe my dad's face isn't stuck in the face from the previous picture.
BUT - it is stuck in some kind of funny face!
He had Key Lime Pie. Another delicious flavor at Ms. Sandy's!
My Cousin Hannah - she apparently needed a little help!

My Mommy & Daddy! 
After SnoCones, I made my first of several required visits to Whataburger. Since the closest one to me is in Baton Rouge (an hour away!) I always make a point of stopping at Whataburger while traveling...and I only order one thing there. A Number 5. It's the bacon cheeseburger meal. And I only order my meal one way. I say this everytime:

Yes, I'd like the number 5 please. No lettuce, tomatoes or pickles. Mustard and Mayonnaise. Sweet Tea.
This is what a Bacon-Cheeseburger, no lettuce tomatoes or pickles.
Mustard and Mayonnaise. Looks like. Pure Heaven.
And, since I had some time, I met up with my dear friend Mark. Yes the one who visited me for Mardi Gras. It was awesome. He's the only friend from San Antonio I still keep up with. And it was great seeing him!

Mark regaling me with some story...probably about bowling.
Ladies, he's single, in a band, (is an awesome musician!),
and is in the Bowling Hall of Fame - he bowled a 300 at 18 yrs old.
Yep, he's pretty cool.
Then, Mark went home and Mr. B and I called it a night. We had to get up for church the next morning. Yay! But, more about day 3 of the trip in the next post!

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